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Facebook is the largest social network and continues to grow at a pace that is absolutely unheard of. Only 6% of small business are currently taking advantage of Facebook Advertising – and they are cashing in fast! That leaves 94% of business owners watching things go by while the competition crushes it. We are here to change that! We help local business owners and companies of all sizes find their customers online. We turn Clicks into Customers.


There are over 1.6 BILLION active users on Facebook regularly. Target a captive audience based on demographics, location, and other key criteria at any hour of the day. Due to changes in how Facebook’s newsfeed algorithms work, organic visibility has been reduced even when you’re posting with relevance and frequency, making Facebook Ads not just more important, but necessary to be seen.

Facebook advertising is right for any size business because you are able to truly target who sees your stuff. Knowing how to create an effective ad that speaks to your audience is key… it’s also where we come in and take the trial and error out of the equation.


We have perfected the way we run Facebook Advertisements for our clients over years of training, learning from experts, staying current and constantly keeping up with the latest and greatest in technology and tools in the marketplace. Now, in order to be successful with Facebook Advertising you must be clear on these 4 key ad components. (ALL FOUR at the SAME TIME Y’ALL)

1. The Objective.

What do you sell? Grab attention with a compelling offer. We’ve seen many companies advertise on Facebook with offers that are confusing. You must be clear, people. Make it easy to understand and buy… frictionless! Then we can have fun with converting to sales.

2. The Audience.

Who are you selling to? Define the person you want to target. Know thy audience! Create an avatar of the customer that buys your product or service. This may include age race, gender, location, interests, job title and many more criteria available for targeting.

3. The Incentive.

Why should they buy from you? Build trust with your customers. You are selling the outcome, what they feel after they buy your product, service or whatever action you want them to take.

4. The Urgency.

Why should they buy right now? Drive immediate action. You need to light the fire under people to purchase right now! People love to procrastinate. So give them a reason not to, make it scarce, limited quantity, ending tomorrow… you get the picture.


Facebook Advertising can be an expensive guessing game on your own. We understand and optimize Facebook Campaigns daily, so go ahead and leave it up to us. We strategize for our customers as if your business was our business. We want to see you grow.


  1. Work with Facebook Advertising experts. We belong to some of the most experienced Facebook groups on the planet and talk Facebook secret languages all day together (it’s not really a secret, it’s just nerdy)
  2. Get more leads, more customers, more sales, more money, and more free time
  3. Maximize advertising dollars, don’t throw them away
  4. Gain a better lifestyle with one less critical thing off your plate
  5. Listen, we’ve been in the Internet Marketing industry since 2004, we have a lot more to offer, but time is money, so reach out and we can put a proposal together for you… Dial us now 1-818-865-1267, Live Chat with us on our site or just email us right this minute.
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We couldn't be happier with the results from Custom Creatives. The individuals that make up this marketing group are all top notch - teamwork at its best. Professional in their planning, experience and execution; yet personal in interactions. As a result of our level of satisfaction, we are already planning to continue with Custom Creatives in future marketing campaigns.
5 / 5 stars
MacGregor & Berthel
These people are incredibly creative and professional. Bil Gaines, who handled our account, is extremely knowledgeable and bright. He handled all of the issues as if he had been doing this for law firms forever. Very impressive. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 stars
N2N Global
Super dope team and content, Custom Creatives helped us build our website from scratch and is now helping optimize through Facebook and more. Thanks for all your help!
5 / 5 stars


Disclaimer: We do not represent Facebook, however we believe it’s one of the best advertising platforms for your business today.

Do you have contracts if I hire you?

Yucky, no, not for Facebook campaigns. We drive results and you may never want to leave us.


Why choose Custom Creatives?

Well, why not? We are experts at this. Proven time and time again across industries. We are thought leaders and our articles and blogs appear and get re-posted on major websites like Intuit, FitSmallBusiness, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Convince and Convert, 60 Second Marketing and many major resource blogs.


Can I get a consultation?

Yes, it’s free for serious business owners or marketers. We get booked daily so, inquire now and set your appointment. Click here, or call us at 1-818-865-1267. If you get our voicemail, please leave a message at extension 110 for Rahul Alim.



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