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Remember that line from the film, Field of Dreams? “If you build it, they will come…”

That’s not entirely true.

After you’ve built a website, you’ve got to drive traffic to it — a challenging task in our overloaded online world. Our Drive services are geared towards making sure your business is seen by potential customers online. Your site needs to have a prominent position in search engine rankings and a presence in maps listings. Fulfilling these two conditions will exponentially boost the number of new visitors your site attracts. From there, tactics such as pay-per-click advertising and display advertising can take your inbounding marketing efforts to a whole new level.

View Our Drive (SEO) Services below. We’ve got an overview of each service, and how you can get started in driving traffic to your website.

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Drive Traffic to your Site!

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Search Engine Optimization
Show Up Higher in Search Results with the Right Strategy

Who wants to be first in search engine rankings for hot industry keywords/phrases? Just about everyone on the Internet.

The good news is our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services help place websites like yours in prominent positions within search engine rankings so your customers (who are already searching for you) can find you. In today’s competitive online marketplace, there is nothing more important than being featured higher up on the list within Google search rankings.

Fascinating SEO Facts

9 out of 10 consumers search online to find local products and services.
Out of this 90%, 3 out of 4 consumers don’t bother scrolling past the first page of search results.

Don’t Lose Out

Long story short, if your website doesn’t turn up in a prominent position in search results for relevant keywords, you’re losing countless new customers to the competition.

Drive Traffic with Internet Marketing Services

More Traffic Means More Business!

The Only SEO Package You Need

The Custom Creatives SEO package consists of a highly targeted campaign to boost your website ranking through a combined focus on relevant, original content and numerous internal and external links. Top-secret algorithms are updated over 500 times per year to ensure that searchers are viewing the most relevant results possible.

Sound complicated? We will do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on your day-to-day. Search engines now want to see fresh, high-quality content, and those consistently providing it will be ranked highest. By building your website’s relevancy and authority we can improve your search result rankings significantly. You will see an incredible increase in free, consistent traffic to your website.

On-Page SEO Services

There are several on-page factors that search engines take into account when crawling and indexing your website’s pages before producing search results. The content on your website is the most important indication of how worthy you are of a search result position. Optimizing your website’s on-page content has evolved into much more than just stuffing it with keywords. We will work to make sure your content is freshly updated, interesting and relevant to your searcher’s wants and needs. To that end, we provide:

  • Content development
  • Title tag optimization
  • Site architecture/internal link structure
  • Blog set-up/development
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Image alt optimization
  • Meta description tags
  • Sitemap creation/optimization

Our Off-Page SEO Services

The popularity of your website is determined by the number of web pages that have links pointing back to your website. If another website links back to yours, you are deemed a credible source, an authority, for whatever the subject may be. Not all links are created equal, however. Links from well-established websites, especially ones related to your niche, are much more valuable than others. Essentially, it all boils down to quality over quantity. The single best way to earn valuable links to your website is by creating content that people will want to share.

  • Creation and syndication of relevant and interesting content linking to your site
  • Creation of themed one-way links from relevant websites
  • Submission of links to popular and established web directories
  • Anchor text optimization
  • Co-citation optimization
  • Blog post creation and syndication
  • Social media bookmarking on social platforms
  • Forum posting on industry related online discussion forums
  • Detailed monthly progress reports

It’s important to understand that a holistic approach to SEO is the most effective way to earn top search result rankings. This means that link earning is not our only strategy.

Ready to Move On Up?

We provide you with a simple questionnaire to make it easy for you to give us what we need to make the magic happen.


Grow Website Traffic & Revenue


SEO Customer
Search Engine Optimization for Beach Resort Website
Date Published: 12/02/2014
I have had the pleasure of working with Custom Creatives since May 2014 and have had a great experience so far. Great service, always available when I need them and great results. Thank you for the great work Bil!
5 / 5 stars

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Position Your Business for Targeted Traffic

You’ve seen the advertisements on major search engines in the “sponsored links” premier space, and you want that prime spot. Great! We can help get you there. We’ll select your keywords, create your campaigns, then your ads are placed and you are simply charged by a “cost per click” basis.

We know that your prospective customers are searching online for your product/service, and with PPC, we can guarantee your website will be visible when your audience is searching, right in front of their eyes.

Our PPC Secret Sauce

We’ll begin with building a generous list of keywords to target for your PPC campaign. After we have placed your ads, we’ll analyze how your consumers are engaging with them, and make real-time adjustments to ensure your ads are performing efficiently. All that, plus:

  • Ongoing keyword research/mix
  • Keyword bid management
  • Advertisement copywriting
  • A/B advertisement testing
  • Landing page design
  • Detailed reporting and analytics

Custom Creatives will manage your PPC efforts with multiple campaigns running at the same time, hundreds of potential keywords, competitive bidding auctions, landing pages and analytics.

Get More Inbound Customers Now!

We provide you with a simple questionnaire to make it easy for you to give us what we need to make the magic happen.


Increase Traffic and Sales Online

Display Advertising
Reach Your Customers Where They Spend Time Online

Effectively connecting your marketing campaign goals with the appropriate audience at the right time and place can be a complex task.

Leave it to us. We do this all day long for clients like you, and have a proven platform in place to access major public and private ad exchanges to help you zero in on the market you want to target. Our method is more efficient and cost-effective because we are able to access profile data.

Our targeted display ad technology plus our custom banners designed to get clicks is a powerful combo.

Display Ads and Retargeting (Banner Ads)

Mobile Display Banners.

Qualify Potential Customers with Powerful Profile Targeting

  • Reach potential customers online where they are
  • Gather behavioral and intent data
  • Leverage demographic data (age, gender, education, household income and more)
  • Hone in on geographic areas
  • Get contextual and site data
  • Deliver banner advertising that can include video
  • Track conversions and revenue
  • Utilize comprehensive data for future campaigns

Now you can make those banner ads to further our highly targeted display advertising services.

Target Potential Customers Today

We provide you with a simple questionnaire to make it easy for you to give us what we need to make the magic happen.


Acquire More Customers Online

Reputation Management
Take Control of Your Online Reputation

Got some negative reviews or bad press floating around cyberspace? We get how detrimental that can be. Everyone and their mother Googles just about everything these days.

A solid, clean online reputation is necessary for sustained success. Unflattering information associated with your name or your business that pops up has widespread and often damaging consequences. Lucky for you, you found us and we can help you take measures to repair your online rep.

Protect Your Business or Personal Image

  • Supress Negative Content
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Protect Your Reputation
  • Stop the Rumors
  • Increase Trust

Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Our 1-2-3-4 Process

We’ve worked with individuals and companies to improve their online image with thoughtful review and planning. In a nutshell, it goes something like this:

1. Investigation

  • Understand the details of your reputation situation
  • Research and delve into the root of the problems
  • Conduct a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your online reputation

2. Strategy

  • Determine which services would be beneficial to your situation
  • Develop a detailed and thorough plan of action

3. Implementation

  • Purchase relevant domain names
  • Create original content (with client approval)
  • Displace damaging content through search engine optimization of new content

4. Maintenance

  • Continually monitor progress of new content
  • Keep negative content out of Top 20 search results

Voila, you gain back some control and rebuild customer trust.

Next Steps…

A discussion to determine the best strategy to manage your online rep.



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