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Custom Banner Ads in Affordable Fashion

web banner designs are the core service Custom Creatives offered when we opened our doors back in 2004. Since then, the company has designed and delivered over 100,000 banners to thousands of happy clients across almost every industry at an affordable cost. Custom Creatives understands how to create banner ads that get clicks based on years of experience.

Banner Types
Choose the right banner for your message.

Banners fall into two essential categories: static banners & animated banners.

Static Banners

Static banners have been around for more than a decade. As the name suggests (“static”), they offer no movement or user interaction. It is a creative that contains graphics, text and hyperlinks.

Static Banner Ad Design

Static Banner Ad.

Animated GIF Banners

Animated GIF banners inject movement to static banners with a blinking animation incorporated to provide ads with animation on networks that do not utilize flash.

Animated GIF Banner Ad Design

Animated GIF Banner Ad.

Flash Banners

Flash Banners are rich in animation and range from media-rich content to user action controls. Flash banners are only suited for computers (laptops and desktops) and are not supported on mobile devices (tables, smartphones, etc.).

Flash Banner - Flash Development

Flash Banner Ad.
(Click For Portfolio and Flash Examples.)

HTML 5 Banners

These are versatile banner ads coded in HTML5 that can display animation through almost all internet browsers and mobile devices, including iPads and iPhones.

HTML5 Banner Ad Design
HTML5 Banner Ad.
(Click For Portfolio and HTML5 Examples.)

Responsive Mobile Banners

Responsive banner ads have the ability to resize to the best fit of the ad space based on the screen size of the user’s device. Responsive banner ads are primary developed on HTML5 or image banner technologies for mobile devices.

Mobile Responsive Banner Ad.

Expandable Banners

A specialized flash banner designed to expand up to 3 times its original size upon mouseover, expandable banners provide the viewer with more information.

Expandable Banners - Banner Ad Effectiveness
Expandable Banner Ad.
(Closed Position)

Expandable Banner Ad Design
Expandable Banner Ad.
(Expanded After Click)
Banner Ad Customer
Flash Banners
Date Published: 05/06/2013
I couldn't be happier with the service I received from Custom Creative. Rahul and Jeff took this e-advertising novice in hand and provided not only two sets of spectacular flash banners to test my message but gave me input regarding what would work within the limited banner space. I felt like I was consulting with my own in-house marketing team. I would recommend their services to everyone. Thanks guys!
5 / 5 stars


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