Does online coaching, private online coaching, or getting mentorship really work for Digital Marketing Agency Owners, Coaches, or Consultants? ?

Shout out to Chun. The Results out the gates have been astounding! Barely getting a Client Meeting each month to Peaking at 8-12 per DAY. We implemented the GSD training into his business and we helped him get past himself to a new level.

BUT, it wasn’t always this way. In fact, it might have never been this way EVER just going at the same thing each day and trying to put “in the work” to get an outcome.

Going from 0 appointments a month to 8-12 a day in peak days is what we helped Chun accomplish.

? It was not a magical script that he can download and run with.

? It was not so simple “that’s all he needed” to make a million dollars

? It was not that all he needed was a “setter” and game on.

It is a system that requires 20 minutes to an hour a day of training. It is a skill, the art and science of communication.

To make setting work, you need people, training, a niche or niches, what you even do, and a rock SOLID offer.

Then we need to build the machine such as a task list, how to build your audience, outbound and inbound strategies, follow up, missed appointments, price plans, pivot plans, negotiations, etc..

There’s a lot of work, a lot of implementation, a lot of mentorship, but if you put in all the work you will BUILD YOUR MACHINE.

The ASSEMBLY LINE Consultancy everyone wishes they had.

This all changed with Chun’s decisions. Chun wanted to fix what he had spent so much time on leading up to this, so many programs that helped him get a bit further, and some that did not work.

He is a man of action. He has options. Go with coach A who only does sales. Go with coach B who focuses mostly on paid ads. Go with coach C who does Done For You.

The problem he realized is that he tried all those, and none of them taught him the REAL principles of running a real business.

They are ALL SHORTCUTS to running a consulting business.

In about 28 days of implementation we help build the MACHINE.

We focused on priorities. Niche, Offer, Settings, Sales.

Before: 0 meetings

NOW: 8-12 appointments in ONE DAY.

Closes: 4 New Clients PAID for recurring revenue

Confidence, Swagger, Attitude, Goals… All grew. The mind is telling him he can do it. No feeling of “imposter syndrome”

The best way to get good at something, is go do that something and learn from the BEST. AND PAY THEM MONEY FOR THEIR TIME.

In such a short period of time, listen to the words “Life is More Predictable, I’m Confident”

If you don’t feel like things are predictable or you don’t feel confident on the inside. What are you waiting on?

You can take action or not take action but really, what is holding you back? Spending money on yourself? Scared that a guru will F you over?

Ask yourself: Is this the reason I am not going to action and stop me from freeing up myself and building what I want?

Get what you want, do or die. Take action, or get left in the dust, again.


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Zero Sales Appointments To 8 to 12 a DAY: GSD Mastermind Student Spotlight with Chun Ea Man


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