13 New Clients in 5 Days ?

Time to Pivot if your offer is stressing you out, not selling off the shelf or just down right inconsistent.

One time fee + subscription.  You see this model is STICKY ass F. We teach students to have offers and retention so it is like honey to flies.

Adam is running the retainer / lead gen model for Realtors (I know, competitive AF). The good part of competitive markets is that money is already flowing.  You just need to tweak the way it is presented to add some innovation.

He made a slight pivot into SaaS, and now has a no-brainer fun offer that Realtors have been operating without since the 1st agent was born. INNOVATION at last.

Sounds simple to say, right? Well it ain’t that simple to implement until you either figure it out or get help to figure it out with certainty.

It took me years to close my first million dollar client. I was not a high volume agency, I was a high gross per client.  I had to innovate the way I offered a commodity to make it stand out.

Now I can teach this exact process. Take something “boring” and make it “exciting”.

Get this formula right in your AGENCY and boom you are set, it goes like this:


Under that formula is your blood, sweat, and tears though.

  • Sleepless nights
  • Stress / Overwhelm
  • Online Courses
  • Figured it out, nope I didn’t, repeat.
  • Let me change my niche or offer, whoops that didn’t help.

Lots of guesswork and the hard work.

For the bigger thinkers they invest in frameworks and accelerate the results.

This is all part of the journey to success..  the sooner you figure out that business is a FRAMEWORK, you remove yourself from the guesswork, and now your hard work as FUEL and FIRE.

Make sense?

INNOVATION & MARKETING, remember that.

Netflix didn’t put Blockbuster out of business… Blockbuster failed to innovate.

Go innovate. Whiteboard, write it down, brainstorm, get help, etc..

The market will need a pivot with a recession.  Get it ready now or you’ll get whacked in the head and wonder how it hit you.  It’s coming, just PREPARE.


DM Me to Pivot Your Hooks & Storyline


I help Agency Owners that want help, WIN big, fast and make tons of cash. Beats being stuck and guessing. 




Author: Rahul Alim
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