Blending Passion with Profit: Ann Marie’s Journey of Salon Success and Marketing Mastery with G$D

Ann Marie is an OG student in the G$D and her story is a blend of passion and proficiency. She is not only a talented hairstylist with 32 years of experience but has also adeptly incorporated marketing strategies into her salon business, creating a unique and thriving business model.

A Journey of Learning and Transformation

Ann Marie joined our G$D InnerCircle in early 2023, following an unfortunate experience with a previous coach. Her decision to join G$D, initially skeptical due to her past experience, turned out to be a pivotal moment in her business journey as she quickly found the structured, actionable strategies and insights the program offers to be immensely valuable.

From Frustration to Financial Freedom

Ann Marie has taken her hairstyling business to new heights, integrating her passion for tech and her newfound marketing skills to enhance her salon’s profitability.  

Her salon is more than just a place for hair styling; it’s a business model that smartly incorporates marketing strategies. She learned to leverage consultations effectively, transforming them into opportunities for upselling and creating repeat, high-ticket business. Her approach of treating salon visits like an all-inclusive resort experience has been hugely successful, resulting in substantial revenue growth.

New Revenue Streams: Becoming a Mentor for Success

Ann Marie’s journey with G$D has not only revolutionized her own salon business but also positioned her as a beacon of knowledge and success in the industry. By masterfully blending her seasoned hairstyling expertise with cutting-edge marketing strategies, she has transformed her salon into a thriving, innovative business model that has led her to become the go-to coach for other salon owners, eager to replicate her success. 

Her ability to mentor and guide others has even opened a new and fulfilling revenue stream as a coach, giving her greater financial freedom and flexibility. Her role as a coach allows her to empower her peers by sharing her journey of blending traditional business with modern strategies and fostering a community of successful salon entrepreneurs.

The Key: Mastering Sales

One key takeaway from Ann Marie’s journey is the significance of mastering sales conversations. Through the G$D, she enhanced her ability to handle objections, communicate value, and confidently present pricing options. This skill set has not only improved her salon business but also her coaching programs.

Ann Marie is a shining example of how the right strategies and mindset can dramatically shift a business’s trajectory.  If her journey resonates with you, and you’re to transform your business, the G$D Inner Circle might be the catalyst you need for change. 

Whether you’re in a creative industry like Ann Marie or have a different business passion, our program is designed to elevate your entrepreneurial journey.

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