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Doctors Office

  • 86 customers called our office number from our rankings on Google Local Listing
  • 370 visited our website through local listing ranking from the search results page
  • 113 requested for directions from our Google My Business page
  • We saw an increase on people that took action on GMB listing page as compared to last month. Actions include (clicks, calls, directions)
  • Our listing was seen 5.81K times and 806 times on Google Maps. Total views of 6.61k
  • Organic traffic alone was 9,197
  • Organic traffic improved by 3.13% as compared to the month before
  • New users to the website increased by 2.25% as compared to the month before
  • Total website traffic improved by 2.56% compared to the month before

Assisted Living Facility

Average profit (not revenue but profit) is $1,500 per month forever. Meaning they take care of their patients until their last breath. They couldn’t tell the lifetime value because no one has passed yet. Hugely profitable per each lead conversion. There’s high competition, low search volume and massive profits.

  • Total of 14 web leads. 5 legit web leads tracked & 9 questionnaire forms completed. Major source being organic traffic
  • Overall the traffic to the website increased by 23.85% compared to the prior month, Feb 2018, with a positive increase in Social Media Traffic from our blog promotions and outreach. Our audience spends time on mutilple channels and decided to be present and it’s working
  • Our Top Ranking keywords have maintained their position on Google which is really good for us. We are steady while there are other competitors online wanting the same real estate on Google
  • TOTAL Goals Overview [March 2018]: Conversions completed: 16

Personal Injury Attorney

We had a lot to build starting out. Actually there was nothing but a yellow pages website that was a template from what seemed to be the 70’s before websites existed, but since it’s not the 70’s and anyone that breathes air searches on their phone or another device.   We put the strategy in play: Lead converting website, write the copy for the whole site to attract the clients from the areas we want, video content, blogs and articles, whatever it took and takes to get clients. And boy has it worked, so well we had a 40% increase in business. We are on page 1 organically and on the local maps for several competitive phrases and in the #1 position on both the maps results and the organic results which is the highest click listings on Google.  

Imagine being #1 for your top service, that’s an ATM for your business. Here’s just a little snapshot of some results for only 1 month.


Google My Business Stats:

  • Total View – 3,800
  • Total Actions – 347

Google My Business Results:

  • Visit Your Website – 83
  • Request Directions – 50
  • Call You- 214

Rehabilitation Center

Before we started working on this campaign, the client was working with multiple companies and freelancers that were disconnected, often times not on the same page. When we came in we took over to quarterback and implement the strategy for Content Marketing, SEO, ReTargeting Ads and Pay Per Click (AdWords). We implemented clear goals, reporting, key performance indicators, call tracking and reviews to ensure we brought in major profits to the company to compete against larger Rehab Centers that could outspend us. Each account is varies in size and service but all are very high ticket.

  • 219.54% increase in organic traffic growth within six months of taking over the account
  • Over 50 Page One results for competitive terms
  • 33.88% increase in phone calls
  • Increase in visits from new visitors (not repeat visitors)
  • Over 7,200 impressions on Google My Business over 3 months, 99.4% of which were from Googling a search term and not the brand name
  • 20 Total actions from Google My Business alone, 13 website visits, 3 driving directions, and 4 phone calls
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