At Custom Creatives we test and use a lot of tools. We figure out what works and use them to help run our business and our clients businesses.

This page contains the links and descriptions of the tools, software and hardware we use everyday.

We recommend these products because we have experience with them.

Click one of the links below to view and read about the tools we are using at Custom Creatives.

Sales Tools

Calendly - Streamline your scheduling for sales calls.

Book Like a Boss - Streamline your scheduling for sales calls.

Hellosign - Used to close contracts faster and get that money baby.

Call Track Metrics - Track and record all your calls from and understand the source. & BofA Credit Card Processing - This is my merchant account.


WordPress - Easy, free and very customizable. We use WordPress for all of our websites and blogs.

Optin Monster - Increase conversions on your website with optin tools to get visitors to convert into your sales funnel!

Landing Pages

ClickFunnels - Landing page, funnel builder. Just buy it and learn it. Get a 14 day free trial.

Email Marketing

Mailchimp - Email and newsletter follow up to stay in touch with clients and generate sales.


Infusionsoft - Sales CRM, email automation.

Twilio - SMS messaging

Zapier - The glue that can connect your technology to talk to each other with no code or development skills.


Free Website Audit - Make sure your website is set up properly to be found on page 1 on Google.

Google Ads

Facebook Advertising

Live chat - I just switched out my live chat with Facebook messenger using ManyChat.

Video Production

Graphic Design


Do It Yourself Tools

White boards - Yep, oldschool whiteboards that hang on your wall. I use this to visuals my sales funnels, my important personal and work tasks that are most important to finish. I also use for videos and training people.

Quickbooks - Accounting and knowing my #’s every month.

Paper and Pen - Old but tasty. I take all my notes by writing them on paper in notebooks. It allows me to memorize them quickly and read them over and over then I keep the few points if any that are of value and toss the rest.

Online Training/Learning

Podcasts / Audible / Kindle - Educate my mind, brain food.

Project Management

Basecamp - My project management system to keep all my project communication in order and on time.

Google Business Apps - Email and calendar syncing is the best if you use multiple devices.

Google Drive - File sharing and document storage.

Use Loom - This is a game changer for me to not only use to explain tasks to my staff and contractors but to my clients as well. Everyone enjoys short videos and clarifies my message so there is no confusion. Plus it’s way faster than typing or talking on the phone.


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