10 Ways You Can Stand Out From Other Law Firms

There is a lot of competition in the law world. Being different is often hard when you typically offer the same services. Through marketing, your law firm can be highlighted in a different light making you seem more easily accessible, modern, customer-friendly, and impactful.


In this blog, we discuss 10 ways you can stand out from your competitors. Most of these practices are easy and don’t require you to do much, so it’s worth a try. See your business skyrocket!


1. 5-star online rating


In our previous blog, we talked about 7 ways you can get reviews from your clients. Having a 5-star rating makes you a trusted firm in society compared to someone who is 3 stars or even 3 stars. The more the merrier–the more reviews you have, the more people will trust you. This gives people lots of opinions to read from and they can make a good judgment off of these real experiences.



Some ways to get reviews are:

Train our staff

Email your list

Put it on your website

Have signage

Automate everything!


2. Customer testimonials


What customer success stories have you had? People love to hear them because they could also be that person.


Tap into the emotional side of the story, connect with your audience, make it relatable, and provide the right solutions. Most importantly, tell people where they can contact you.


Have a section on your website that says, “Testimonials”.  The great part about this is that it’s REAL results.


3. Video


Video doesn’t have to be an elaborate production that costs a lot of money to make. Guess what? It can be done all on the device that is probably in your hand or right next to you…your phone.


There is something called the 3×3 grid, where you do 3 videos about your “why,” 3 videos about your “what,” and 3 videos about your “how.”  This is so that people get to know you and get familiarized with what you offer.


You can also do daily stories on your social media for authentic and casual behind the scenes.


If you do want to go bigger, have a filming crew do a commercial for you. In your commercial, choose one impactful customer story and highlight that. Even ask that person to do interviews for the commercial!


Overall, you want to do videos that’ll build a connection with your audience


4. Recognition in a newspaper or an award from a reputable organization


If you are in a local newspaper or are recognized by a reputable organization, you are going to get a better reputation. For one thing, your name is recognized one more time and it has a good source that people trust. The more exposure you have, the more brand awareness you are creating.


For example, if you are featured in one of the articles from the American Bar Association (ABA), you are likely to increase brand awareness. People may click on your website or now be able to recognize your logo when they see it somewhere.


5. Prompt responses


A lot of law firms claim to be 24/7. If you want to be accessible 24/7 and offer service RIGHT AWAY, chatbots are your answer. Chatbots don’t delay and can offer solutions right away.


Your chatbot can automate answers for what your client responds with, asking them what they need help with, answering FAQs, giving them a number to call, and directing them to the right place (maybe a website).


Make sure that people can find where to “Chat now.”



6. Letters of appreciation


Make sure to hold relationships with your clients. After you have worked with a client, make sure to send them the appropriate thank you. Even a small postcard will do the trick with a personalized message from their lawyer.



There is something about a hand-written note compared to an email that makes the words more impactful and thoughtful. If you maintain a good relationship with your clients, they are likely to use you again in the future or recommend you to their family and friends.  Little gestures go a long way.


7. Be humorous


Lawyers and the legal field can be known to be very serious, uptight, and transactional. Go against the stereotypes and make it a point to be friendly and build relationships. Even add a little humor at times so that it lightens the mood.


Make sure that you are doing this at appropriate times, as these are serious cases and a sensitive matter could be in the discussion.


8. Offer advice through blogs


Be an authority figure by offering knowledge and advice through blogs. People love reading blogs if they are easy to read (like a listicle) or they have interesting photos/videos.


Here are some topics you can write about:

-100 ways to be distracted by driving

-What to do if you’ve been in an accident

-Why motorcyclists need to be careful on the road

-10 safety tips to follow while driving

-Why texting and driving is a bigger issue than you think

-Fire safety tips for your home

-Preventative actions to take for slips and falls



9. Lobby time


What are you doing as far as customer service goes? Are you making sure that your receptionist is helpful and friendly? Do they offer more than a, “How are you today?”


One thing you can do is ask them if they want a snack or a bottle of water. Something simple and small goes a long way.


10. Swag gifts


Another way to brand is to give out swag gifts that have your logo on it. This could be things like pop sockets, socks, a t-shirt, a stress ball, or a rubber bracelet. Your client will find it neat that you are giving away things like this for FREE and it is also free marketing for your firm if they wear it around.


Your client’s family and friends may ask them about it, which increases exposure and gets people in the community to recognize who you are.


Stand out

It is important to be unique from your competition, especially since you are offering the same product/service. These ways to stand out are cheap, easy, and effective. Go the extra mile and all of these things will make the client feel welcomed and appreciated.


It’s all about relationship building and establishing the relationship. Especially in what could be a difficult and stressful time for your client depending on the case, they will feel like you care.


If you want to know how to increase your brand awareness, market for free, and stand out from the competition, set up a call with us. We work specifically with lawyers, so we know the tricks of the trade. https://calendly.com/customcreatives/30min/


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