Adam McInnes’ Story – G$D Case Study

Not too long ago, in the midst of the COVID-19 crises, Adam McInnes found himself faced with immense uncertainty. He’d just lost the stability of his 9 to 5 job, lost tens of thousands on a real estate investment, and was struggling to piece together the systems and processes that would help him take his digital marketing work to the next level.

In his own words: “I was squeezed hard, and put into situations that I had never been in before.”

He was scrambling in his basement to figure out what his next steps would be and how he could leverage his skills to jumpstart a business, when he came across our content. And that’s where our journey together began.

When we first connected, it was clear that Adam had the skills and the knowledge needed to do amazing work as a digital marketer, but he struggled with getting his ideas out of his head. And like many trying to enter the digital marketing space, Adam was trying to go it all alone; he was the accountant, the sales person, the designer, and everything in between. He was spread too thin to do any one job exceptionally well.

After a couple of conversations with us, Adam took a leap of faith and joined us. Now, about 90 days into his journey with the G$D program, Adam and Rahul take a look back at his progress and how far he’s come.

Choosing Not to Turtle:

In 2020, Adam was not only laid off due to the global pandemic, but he also found out three days later that a real estate investment of his had gone south. He was left without a steady source of income and he lost thousands on a bad investment. Sh*t hit the fan. And Adam was faced with two choices. He could either ”sit at home and be on EI for a year” or he could buckle up and get back in his chair. Driven by his need to be there for his family through this very tumultuous time, Adam didn’t let these setbacks keep him down for too long.

Because he had experience with online marketing in the past, Adam chose to take his skills and start a digital marketing agency. He was ready to go full tilt… but he soon realized that having those skills was not getting him far enough. He was selling low ticket products to clients who never stuck around for too long. Something needed to change or else he’d be forced to turtle.

From Freelancer to Agency Owner in 90 days

Joining the G$D program helped Adam create a business. Where in the past he was flying by the seat of his pants, now he knew the process he needed to follow in order to drive sales and drive results. And within months of starting his journey with us Adam was able to turn, what he would consider, freelance work into a business.

Implementing the methods and procedures we teach in the G$D program, helped Adam do more of the work he really enjoyed doing while also allowing him to delegate the tasks that he didn’t.

It wasn’t like a flip of a switch. Adam put in hours and hours of hard work and intense dedication towards putting the systems and processes he learned into play.

He went through our training and was able to practically apply everything he learned about running a successful digital marketing agency. He built out the systems he needed for his business, he introduced new processes, and he hired employees which all together helped him create a sustainable business model.

Gone were his freelancing days, Adam became the owner of a digital marketing agency!

Results After 90 Days:

Today Adam has a team that is there to help him bring his ideas to life. He is no longer trying to tackle every aspect of his business on his own. AND he is closing more clients than he ever has before. In fact, he recently closed 5 new clients in just 1 week!

Adam joined our group determined to make a change in his life and in his work. He took action, he implemented everything he learned, and he drove massive results. And he did all that within the first 90 days of choosing to come on board with us.

Now he’s set to take on the new year by closing a minimum of 4 clients a month and he’s confident that he will be able to help each and every one of them in a way that makes him feel proud of his work.

And the cherry on top for Adam: he gets to spend more time with his family than any 9 to 5 could have ever allowed him.

Ready to Start Your G$D Journey?

Adam is just one of many students of ours who have been able to scale their passion for digital marketing into a successful business. If you are ready to make a change, treat your business like an investment, and get results like Adam — don’t click away and kick the can down the road, that’s too easy to do.
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Author: Rahul Alim
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