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It started with a slice of pizza in San Diego. Not too long ago Andrew Sousa and Sal Steffano crossed paths at a Rob Bailey event and discovered that they had a lot to offer each other in terms of business. Over a lunchtime conversation, Andrew, a young entrepreneur in his 20’s realized that Sal could help him along on his digital marketing journey in many ways. They connected and soon went into business together.

With Sal’s over a decade and a half of experience in the digital marketing space along with Andrew’s 5, they were on a fact track for agency success.

Still, something was missing as far as really moving the needle along in their partnered business. They’d just jumped into an industry niche which they did not know too much about and needed help navigating. That’s when they found us.

When Sal and Andrew came across our program, they had no intention of signing up for another agency coaching program. , in fact I recently found out from our interview (watch below or on YouTube) that they were bickering over spending $150 on a Real Estate Marketing Snapshot.

After about 30 minutes talking to them on a Saturday night, they realized we could be the solution… the factor that would get them real traction in their business.

They were not only right, but this to us was the best decision they made in all their careers. They understand the value of compounding impact on their business and are well on their way to be a part of the top 1% of earners – the 7-Figure Club.

Since starting with us they went from $0 to $50k and that’s just over the course of about 45 days.

Now they are closing deals ever single day! Watch the interview bellow and read on to learn how they’re doing it.

From No Taker’s To Deals Everyday

Before we got connected Andrew had tried just about every trick in the book in order to get his first clients. From cold calling, to cold emailing, and even going door to door. But his efforts did not drive the results he was hoping for. In Andrew’s own words “I think I’ve been lucky enough to do literally every single thing wrong, and learn the hard way.”

He’d been working in the advertising space for many years before he was truly able to nail down a method that worked for him and got him buyers. It took many trials and errors for him to find a system that worked.

Seeing how much time and effort went into figuring out that system, Andrew realized that investing in trainings and courses to level up his skills would get him from point A to point B much quick. This was how he met his new business partner, Sal.
When they first met at a Rob Bailey event, Sal was already running his own agency and had recently acquired a gym. He had over a decade and a half working in the digital marketing space and a ton of knowledge and expertise he could share with Andrew.

Soon, what started out as helping each other’s agencies grow turned into a business partnership. They took on anything and everything, and saw some success, but realized they could grow much faster with the right tools at their disposal.

This was when they came across our real estate snapshot and ultimately our program. They’d just decided to jump into the real estate niche but needed more tools like our snapshot to sharpen their skills. And although they struggled to decide whether to invest that, our conversation over the phone made joining the G$D program a no brainer for them.

They joined our group and started closing clients almost immediately and now sit at about $50k in monthly recurring revenue.

$0 to $50k in 45 Days! What Made The Difference?

With a combined 20 or so years of experience in the industry, Sal and Andrew were already positioned for success, if only they could truly systematize their process. While they had a ton of knowledge in their field, the missing piece was finding a system that worked and was repeatable.

Joining the G$D gave them the trainings and the processes that made it possible for them to really expedite the growth of their business. As truly brilliant entrepreneurs they would have reached this point eventually, but though our course they were able to speed up the process so that instead of years of trial and error they got there in just 45 days.

Just recently the pair closed 7 deals in 7 days, bringing in an addition $10k MRR to their agency. In the real estate niche alone they’ve closed 12 clients within their short time with us. With results like these Andrew and Sal are now positioned to become part of the top 1% of earners.

Ready to Start Your G$D Journey?

Sal and Andrew are just some of many students of ours who have been able to scale their passion for digital marketing into a successful business. If you are ready to make a change, treat your business like an investment, and get results like them— don’t click away and kick the can down the road, that’s too easy to do.

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Author: Rahul Alim
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