Buy Someone Else’s Mistake to Get Ahead

TRUE STORY:  A digital marketer and salesperson walk into a bar…

The marketer says to the sales pro: hey why don’t we guess for another year and think about what we want to be, the last year we thought about it allowed us to think about how we are good at thinking.
The sales pro says: no let’s take action now, if you’re with me we will be rich, if you are against me I will beg for forgiveness and you’ll thank me once you’re rich and your kids look at you and say “thank you poppa for not thinking about it any longer, we can finally do what we want in this 1 lifetime and you do not need to work spinning in circles and can spend time with me and mommy”

They both join the GSD, they both just made future them smile back in time and are proud they took action now vs think about for a long time.

– Now they vacation

– Now they work half the amount of time

– Now they don’t stress on paying bills on time

– Now they have a staff working for them

– Now they saved up for Real Estate

– Now they still wished they made their move sooner to join the GSD

Let me ask you a question…

There’s 4,000 weeks in a lifetime.  Are you okay doing it they way you are doing it, or is there a thought in your mind that you can do more, be more?  Is another week going to slip by not being who you know you could be?

The most successful people in life have lived the best lives because they failed more than they win. They believe so much in themselves that they are not afraid to ask for help, not afraid to do the shit no one else will do, they realize that if they cannot lead a VA or ISA they will fail that person too.   They learn, do, teach, lead very well.


They bet on themselves, they win.

They invest in themselves, they win.

They pay to grow, they win.

The formula is simple.  Buy someone else’s mistakes to get ahead… 

Here’s how:

– Work for someone else for 2-5 years and master your role, move up, be the 1st one in and last one out every day.

– Hire coaches, mentors to teach you how to do it better, faster and more profitable.

– Do not listen to anyone about your future but the voice the future tells you.  That future voice typically is a dreamer and what you want your life to actually be like….but the other voice is the realist holding you back.  Who you gonna listen to this time?

YOU GET WHAT YOU TOLERATE.  If you want to raise your income, raise your standards.

Many people are afraid to succeed in life.  Why?  They dont want to fail.

This will help solve a lot of answers for you by answering this question:

Are you afraid to succeed?  OR…

Are you staring failure in the face and thinking by avoiding trying, you will also avoid failure?

If you are one of the ones that values your lifestyle, wants full control of your destination, by mastering the skills to live the life you want for you, your family, your sanity, your certaintly, your LEGACY…

Let’s have a chat about working together.

No pressure at all, just a convo about the GSD method that has worked for many others and will continue to do so.

We have to keep our quality of results very high, selfishly for ourselves but more importantly for you and your 100% commitment to yourself if you want to raise the standard of the game you’re playing.

If it helps, I guarantee all my results with 300% backing it up.

Rahul “GSD” Alim


DM me if you want to have that convo about how we can help win together.

Oh and happy Thursday.. here’s some more results from yesterday:

David Perron – closed new contractor

LJ – $3,400 recurring deal

Mase – $16k PIF

Charlie – New offer, new leads in new marketing channel for RE’s

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Author: Rahul Alim
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