Can You Handle 300 Leads in a Month?

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT ? 300 leads in a month for your agency.  You can’t handle it, or can you?

Going LIVE tomorrow with one of our GSD Elite students to interview him on how we helped him SLASH his leads costs from a WHOPPING $120 per lead, and helped DROP IT down to $10 a lead!

Think about it.  Instead of 1 lead, you now get 6.  That’s without increasing the budget… Pretty cool, right? Now you get to see it too.

IF YOU RUN ADS & OWN A MARKETING AGENCY this is for you. (note if you do insurance this is NOT for you, stick to policies and hire our agency to run your ads)


Date: Thursday July 7th

Time: 2pm PST (that is 5pm EST)

Where: LIVE ON Facebook.

Event link (must be in group to watch):

Group link:

If you want to be tagged when we go live, drop a “10” but you can also go to the group and tap ‘GOING’ the links above.

This is what it will take if you want to be doing $50k-100k a month in terms of the top level KPI’s, but you MUST BE CONSISTENT with the lead flow, the targeting, and SYSTEMS + FRAMEWORKS.  

$600k – $1.2M a year.  Read that again. Maybe it makes sense with the cash :))

  • Do you have enough leads or do you want more?
  • Do you want to hire salespeople to work for you?
  • Do you want to hire a COO or marketing firm to help scale your business?
  • Do you want to afford those vacations, bigger homes, office space, or just pay the bills?

If you answered YES to any of those, this will be for you.  Every Agency must have opportunities to make sales to make more money to enjoy your basic necessities, and then the luxuries in life (plus you want to make your family proud)
Recently I have been talking about the “works” and which 2 to avoid and which 1 you must have to survive.  Like blood is to the body, systems are to the business.

“There’s guesswork and there’s hard work, and then there’s a FRAMEWORK – we use Frameworks because we know it’s predictable”

Tossing this out there so you are aware:

If you own a Marketing Agency, Sales Agency, or Coaching Business —> We should talk. We run ads that make stacks of cash and we consult you on our internal process, funnels, and hooks that will work every time.  We have a bank of test funnels and test campaigns we always come up with to run the most logical, emotion and customer hooking, journey loving process you can find.

Best of all we actually share what we do in English, and we have no limit customer support. This of us as the VIP concierge of ads and marketing.  Get a marketing department without the attitude, all for less than your marketing manager.  Dm me “Scale my Agency” and we can have a chat if we can be of service.

DM Me Here

See you on the live event tomorrow,
Rahul “Agency Scaler” Alim

Author: Rahul Alim
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