How Cheyanne Lake Grossed $150k in Just 7 Days

We want to tell you about G$D student Cheyanne Lake. Like many of us, Cheyanne dabbled in the world of online marketing, trying a bit of everything – ads, influencers, you name it. And, honestly? Results were hit or miss. Some programs were okay, but nothing moved the needle in her business. She felt the sting of ads without traction and investments with little return. Coupled with juggling work, kids, travels, and family, a solid online business was still just a dream. 


When Cheyanne joined the G$D, things began to look up. In just a week, she saw her return on investment spike – and not just by a bit. And two months in? She managed to rake in a profit of $150,000. Impressive, right?

But, it wasn’t just about the cash. With G$D, she felt more confident and skilled. Plus, a previous headache with a GHL automation company? Sorted.


During our spotlight session with Cheyanne, she talked about the G$D strategies and mindset she put into practice that lead to her success… 

  1. Fast Action, Fast Results: Inspired by Rahul’s “Winners do it now” philosophy, Cheyanne learned that waiting for the ‘perfect moment’ is futile. Momentum is the name of the game and taking action FAST results in FAST results…
  2.   More than Just Leads: Cheyanne was in the market not just for leads but for transformative client experiences. With the G$D’s guidance, she was able to revamp her strategies by leveraging authentic videos and refining her ad targeting. The result? A surge in leads and appointments!
  3.   Clarity is Power: Where her previous marketing attempts lacked direction, G$D brought the clarity Cheyanne needed. This allowed her to have a laser-focused approach to client acquisition, from ad copy tweaks to audience optimization.
  4.   The G$D Framework: It’s not just about the strategies, but how they’re interwoven. Cheyanne’s unwavering commitment to the G$D’s trinity of content, sales discussions, and ad analysis became her ace in the hole.


Reflecting on her transformative journey, Cheyanne emphasized a singular belief: “There’s never a right time.” Choosing between spending time or money, she opted for the latter, investing in mentorship that could fast-track her success. And boy, did it pay off!

Cheyanne attributes her fast success to Rahul and Cody’s genuine care and investment in her success. Their personal touch wasn’t just a business tactic; it was a partnership.


If Cheyanne’s story inspires you to finally reach for what you really want out of your business, it may be time to see how the G$D can help you. 

Reach out, and let’s discuss your potential.

Watch the full spotlight interview with Cheyanne right here: 

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Author: Rahul Alim
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