$30k+ EVERY Month In Less Than 60 Days! – G$D Case Study of Tejas Upadhyay

Deciding to start a digital marketing business can be a difficult step for anyone to take. And for those who make it past that first step, there can be many more hurdles to overcome.

For our very talented and business savvy student, Tejas Upadhyah, this was very true. He already had his hand in a couple of different business opportunities when he chose to dip into the world of digital marketing. This was something he had past experience with and really enjoyed doing. However pretty soon into his journey he realized that he was not working with a scalable business model.

His clients were made up of a close circle of people he knew and referrals he would get through them. This drew in some revenue, but would eventually lead to dead ends. The business model he was working with would not be able to get him to where he knew he could take his agency with the right guidance.

Having already been a follower of our content and finding value in it, Tejas hopped on a call with our team in order to take his agency to the next level. About 60 days into his journey with our G$D program, Tejas and Rahul take a look back at how he took his agency from being difficult to scale to driving $25K in monthly recurring revenue with just 2 months of hard work in this student spotlight interview:

His Old Business Model Just Wasn’t Working

Prior to starting his digital marketing agency, Tejas was already running 2 businesses. Based on his past experiences with marketing he decided to also delve into real estate marketing. He partnered up with an associate and set up a business model that would allow his agency to work with clients on a commission basis.

This business model did not work very well as it was based on client success, and the clients he was working with would not take advantage of the opportunities he would make available to them. Many did not take their work seriously and would not show up for the calls Tejas would provide them with. Essentially he was doing all the work for free and not seeing any returns.

Tejas knew then that he needed to move his business in a different direction. He needed to change the way he set up his business so that all parties would be satisfied with the services he provided. He could no longer do free work.

Closing $4k Within Just 2 Hours of Joining the G$D Program

Tejas needed to shift his business away from a commission based business model to something that would allow him to consistently drive sales. He just did not know the right way to implement these changes to his business.

After seeing our content online, Tejas felt confident that we would be able to help him reach his agency goals. And so as he was seeking guidance, he decided to hop on a call with our team in order to learn how to make his business scalable. Not long after getting on a call with us and joining the G$D program, Tejas’ business began to really take off.

In fact, Tejas holds the record for the fastest deal close after joining our program. Within the first 2 hours of joining the G$D program, Tejas implemented what he learned with us and closed a $4k a month client! He in effect doubled his business in less than half a day- something that he had not been able to do as things stood with his old business model.

Instead of spending years trying to go it all alone, Tejas enlisted our help and joined a  community of agency owners who are always ready to provide support in order to fast track his journey towards scaling his business.

Scaling to Over $30k Every Month and Beyond

Tejas joined our program and immediately started implementing what he learned. Within his first 2 months with the G$D program, Tejas saw his investment returned and then some. He was bringing in more new clients than ever before.

At the time of the interview above, just 60 days into working with us, Tejas was set to reach $25 k/month in recurring revenue. Today this has increased to a solid $30k every month, working with clients who are ready to take advantage of the services he provides.

As with all our students, Tejas’ business did not become a success overnight. He worked hard and put what he learned from us to good use. It took a great deal of patience and a ton of dedication to scale his business to where it is now.

In his words: “If someone is really looking to scale up and they’re not afraid to put in the work, I really don’t see your program will fail them. It’s really a no brainer.”

Today Tejas is committed to his sales and ready to do everything it takes to succeed. He’s not stopping at just $30k months, and has his sights set on $50k months in the future.

Ready to Start Your G$D Journey?

Tejas is just one of many students of ours who have been able to scale their passion for digital marketing into a successful business. If you are ready to make a change, treat your business like an investment, and get results like Tejas — don’t click away and kick the can down the road, that’s too easy to do.
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Author: Rahul Alim
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