Do I need a Logo?

If you’re wondering if your business needs a logo, the answer is yes.


Well, that’s a better question. As the old adage goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” That’s exactly what a logo is for a company. It’s a statement that tells your target audience who you are and what you do. But the trick is writing that message, or in other words: designing the logo.

Great logos are everywhere and the greatest of them evoke a feeling towards the company.  A logo can determine whether or not a potential customer views your company as reliable, fun, modern, classic, family friendly, extreme, active, or any other adjectives you want to pick.  A well-designed logo can also build perceived value for your company.  It’s no mystery that appearance plays heavily into our perception of quality.  If a logo looks like “your neighbor’s teenage kid put it together” then your customers may perceive your company in a similar way, leading them away from your business.  Many people will make snap judgments about a company based on a logo. Not to say we all do this, some do research and decide based on what they find, but why turn away those other potential customers.

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Beyond just perception, a powerful logo that appears consistently across envelopes, letterheads, pamphlets, ads, website, etc. can further add value to your company by creating awareness and recall.

Famous Nike Logo Design - Swoosh

When you read Nike, I bet you near-instantly think of the ‘swoosh’; that’s recall.  It works the other way too: seeing the ‘swoosh’ you say in your head Nike.  This brand presence starts with the logo. It’s like putting a name to a face. If you only hear about Bob the accountant by name he’s easy to forget. However if you SEE him with his Thick glasses, neatly combed brown hair and standard black tie with white collared shirt, he becomes familiar. Every time you see Bob the accountant at parties you’ll remember all the stories you’ve heard and all the great times you’ve had. A logo, quite simply, creates an interaction and experience more influential than a simple word or name could ever be on its own. Be memorable.

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Author: Rahul Alim
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