How to eliminate Sales Objections Before You Even get on the Sales Call

Imagine being able to eliminate a prospect’s sales objections before they ever get on a call with you…

You’d be that much closer to closing the deal or avoiding a fruitless sales call altogether!

So how can this be done?  Keep reading my friend…

Teach Them How to Think

The first step is to teach them how to think.  Show them how to ask the right questions and how to look at things from a different perspective. 

Once they have this mindset shift, they’ll be able to see the value in what you are selling and be more likely to buy from you.

So how do you do this?

Know their Objections

The first thing you need to do is get out a sheet of paper or open a google doc and list out every objection you can think of or have heard on past sales calls.

This can be a list that you refine over time as you get more calls and contact with your ideal customers.

Create Content That Speaks to Common Objections

Now that you have a solid list of objections you can start creating content that speaks to these objections.

Ain’t that great?

Not only can you tackle objections but you get content from it too!

Take these objections and craft story posts that will change the way your audience is thinking.


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Author: Rahul Alim
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