Every Marketer Needs His Tools!

It’s no secret that an effective marketing campaign always starts with the gathering of great information. In the competitive nature of inbound marketing where businesses are driven to position their websites in limited spots of first page search results, having a hand on great information to start a campaign is no longer just a luxury, but rather a necessity for success!

There has been a rapid growth of software in recent years that can be used to capture a vast array of useful analytical data to best kick start a new project, as well as to monitor the results throughout the campaign.

With a great software, marketers can get a quick insight into what technical difficulties a website faces in getting rankings in search results, as well as gather a lot of useful information required for a strategic game plan on how to best bring quality and relevant traffic to a website.

In meeting my very own analytical needs to best assist all of our clients’ optimization projects, I have become a big fan of SEO PowerSuite packaged with its four tool sets of Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and Link Assistant. With this powerful all-in-one SEO software, I have been able to complete timely and insightful research to kick start a optimization project and set up our clients for a competitive advantage in the search world.

Here are some of the ways the tools of this software has been beneficial for our search engine optimization projects:

Website Auditor –
Crawls through all the web pages of a site, searching for possible “on-site” problems that would need to be addressed in order for the website to become 100% search engine friendly. Correcting all of these errors with the website, would make sure that search engines would consider the website as a type of website that they would want to showcase in their organic search results. This is normally the first place that a project will get started.

SEO SpyGlass –Analyzes possible competitors and provides insightful information on making strategic campaign decisions. The information gathered assists with the final decision of selecting possible keywords to bring traffic to a website, gathering a list of possible websites to contact for high quality links, and finalizing the exact game plan strategy on how to out rank competitor website.

Rank Tracker – Rather than having to hunt down rankings for particular keywords on Google, Rank Checker will automatically check the rankings for all keywords of a campaign for Google, as well as all other major search engines. It will also showcase the change in positioning of the keywords on whether keywords have moved up or down in ranking. The historical record is particularly beneficial to see changes done over a long campaign.

LinkAssistant – Assists with the search of finding high quality links by crawling through websites from many different angles and putting together a list of high quality websites that would just need to be dug into for a simple contact info. The end result is high quantity of quality websites that can be become potential link partners!

Author: Rahul Alim
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