Getting Clients Is The Hardest Part of Getting Your Agency Off The Ground

Here’s what we did to help a GSD elite and you can follow along.  Cool?
I am going to break down what we helped our main man Javier do to have a $10k week and on track to $20k cash collected.

Learning time folks… 1 min read

Javier Screenshot

First: you need to take your business very seriously and be fully committed. You can be a freelancer, a side hustler, a full timer in this but the serious and committed part is the KEY to this all.  A lot of times people fall out of love with what they do, burn out, or change things too quickly and I don’t blame them if that is you…

Second: just like you and the rest of the Agency Owners, Javier had been through other programs with great names behind them.  While the needle did not move as quickly until we stepped in the picture, he had learned from really good people but the puzzle pieces were still missing to bring them all together to connect into a machine and have the oil to fix squeaky wheels.

Everyone guesses and tries to “figure it out” at first.  So that’s cool too… Once you get to the level of thinking to buy the roadmap and process it can explode for you by leveraging someone else’s talent and skill.  Think of it lIke going to a college, but what we share actually works with specialized skills to advertise, sell, retain and scale.

Getting to $20k MRR for your Agency… I will walk you through a little bit of what we helped for Javier.

Here goes:

STEP 1: 
Pick your product you want to offer. Either know how to fulfill yourself or outsource to a partner that is reliable so you can have margins and keep your clients once you convert them with results.

Pick your niche – you cannot do it for everyone at first, I promise you that.  You can go broad like Gary Vee in the future once you prove you can be a specialist.  If you are thinking deeply, you can go to a niche of a niche of a niche (we teach this internally so you can get paid even more and take less clients).

Build your audience – Go in groups, find friends online to connect on the platforms they hang out with the most.  Participate, start conversations, call, book appts.

Sell like crazy.  Like blood is to the body, your sales are to your business.  No sales, no business. NO system, no predictability.

Overall those are the x’s and the o’s.  The real deep connection to execute comes with learning inside our program by teaching the “audibles” required to run a 6 & 7 figure marketing agency or consulting business.

The clients are BUYING, but if they are not buying from YOU, maybe we can have a chat to connect and help you close more clients and take all our systems and put them in your business right away.  “There’s hard work, there’s guess work, then there’s a FRAME WORK.  We use frameworks :))

Just DM me directly and we can show you how to take your skills and go from trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces to creating your work of art you and your family can be proud of.

Author: Rahul Alim
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