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GSD Case Study Stories – Justin & Mikey

If you need a case study to inspire you no matter WHAT position you’re in, keep reading… this is for you. In the case of Justin and Mikey, you realize that there are no barriers, no excuses, nothing holding you back… just execution. At the time of our interview with Justin and Mikey, Mikey had just turned 20 years old, making this story all the more impressive. With the support of G$D ANYONE can make their dreams happen.

When we first started working together, Justin & Mikey were at $0. By the time we had our interview they were at $44k! What did it take? That’s what we got into. We started by asking Justin & Mikey how they manage their business and what it was like before working with G$D. Justin works sales and Mikey works operations.

Before G$D how’d they find clients? Old School. Door to door. We respect the grind, but as far as results go, it won’t yield many. Justin & Mikey quickly saw this as well. They needed a way to improve business as door-to-door wasn’t cutting it. Justin remembered a time he met Rahul at a networking event. He knew he had worked with guys like Justin & Mikey before and decided to reach out. Rahul took Justin & Mikey and over a phone call discussed what exactly we would do for them. He talked about the G$D program, how we were able to automate leads, and the killer sales techniques that tie the whole thing together. Mikey & Justin were in: “Rahul is someone who is experienced, has consistent success, and knows what he’s doing”. From there it was off to the races. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with hard work and dedication, Justin & Mikey were able to elevate their business in under a year. By offering REAL value for their services and focusing on organic lead gen (something other agencies didn’t offer Justin & Mikey), they began to obtain serious clients. Justin & Mikey each listed their breakout moments. For Mikey, “The breakout moment was when you find out all your systems, messaging, and you see it work. Then you add fuel to the fire, then all of a sudden, EVERYTHING is automated”. “Next our breakout moment with our clients. We are going to customize and set up the perfect system for you. Not be average. We are going over the top”.

For Justin, “the ability to feel confident and close deals was the real deal breaker”. “ALL of my sales training came from Rahul and Cody”. They had strategy meetings where they would go over tons of pitches and the bottlenecks that could be involved in them. This made Justin so confident, he began to convert easily. “You’re gonna give me a dollar and I’m gonna and two back.” Who can honestly say no to that?

The best part about Justin & Mikey is they aren’t special, but they are driven. That drive combined with our system and the support of the G$D group was able to elevate them to new heights. Are you ready to do the same? Call us today to get started on your journey to success!


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