HALFTIME for The Year – LEVELING UP?  Read this…

How you can have the biggest breakthroughs in the 2nd half of the year this year.  Recession looming and all…

Have you done your half year audit yet?

WTF does that mean, Rahul?

It means check yourself, your systems, your offer, your tech, your situation.  The hardest thing I have found in my life is to face the fact that I don’t see the gaps myself in my own business.  It’s like me writing a lead magnet and to me it is amazing cause I wrote it and I cannot be wrong cause I am great. But if I spend the time and money to get my content writer or marketing person to review it, they find several gaps to make improvements, then it works way better.

Here’s a quick formula:

Self awareness + Ego aside ++ Outside Perspectives +++ Execution = Your Growth 

Let me help explain and I will keep this really simple so if you want, you can do this with yourself or team…cool?

(I do a much more detailed audit but this is to keep simple so more people do it cause this is the #1 thing people are spending time doing— working to provide more value in exchange for currency)

If you do want my self audit which I have done on my masterclasses, comment “Audit” and you can just have it.

1. What things are missing that you thought should be at this stage?

This is what feels like chaos in your mind.
Here are a few things to help you think… sales systems, automations, delivering your products, setting appointments, running ads, etc..

If you feel confused, you will start to feel overwhelmed, then that leads to unneeded or unwanted feelings of burnout.  You gotta recognize this, and take a step back for a few minutes (not days, weeks, months… minutes, reframe your brain to love solving chaos).

Note: Do shit you hate, make it part of the process — then you know it is what everyone else that is successful also does and goes through.  Most the stuff I do, I do not enjoy but I know it is what will lead to what I want to enjoy.  Make sense?

Example: I love making more sales and revenue, but I hate going over our bookkeeping and tax prep even though that is the shit that allows me to enjoy my vehicle of money to invest in things outside of the Agency.

2. Write down and rate everything you can

Here is a format:


What is good?

What is bad?

What is okay?

What needs to go?

What can stay?

What needs to be done?

Can I do it myself?

Better to hire outside?

Do the same for all areas of your biz… Sales, Operations, Team.

Question for ya…

Halftime started. Are you way past your 2022 goals?  

I see a lot of people prepare during game time… The business season started and learning on the fly.  I am not against building a plane after take off, but you gotta learn faster if you wanna land in the right spot with that method.

Have you ever considered outside help as a solution to help with your audits, to change your perspectives to think above what you’re capable of?

In sports when I was an aspiring athlete, we never were allowed to play our age bracket at first, we played 2 years above so we can get our asses beat to shit so we can learn to play more advanced, more skillful, more sensory perception, more peripheral vision, more speed…

Kind of like when you go out to eat, you outsource the meal.

When you hire staff, you outsource that position.

When you have bottlenecks or need hands on help, many go to YouTube and this will fail you by keeping you stuck longer.

The biggest leaps and bounds you’re going to make in your life and business is changing your thinking and perspective. Yes, tactics and strategies help, but your mind is more important to think bigger and more innovative.

If you think, I have the greatest offer but I have no leads or sales, and all I need is a sale and I will close it… You’re wrong right there, that will keep you stuck. Only stuck people say that.

If you want an audit from an outside perspective, DM me and I will shoot you over my 15 min calendly link and help you out, free. I just ask in return, be open minded and if I share something, do the work. If I don’t have time, I will tell you that too right away. I am busy but not so busy I cannot pay it forward to many people back to the industry I started in.
Click Here to DM Me

If you are worried about getting free help, then you have to stop worrying that the world is against you when it has been for all of us this whole entire time.


Rahul “Auditor” Alim

Author: Rahul Alim
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