What Happens to Your Business When Facebook Goes Down?

On March 13th, 2019 Facebook had a major outage. They were down.  Posts were duplicating, posts were failing to appear, ads were running and wasting budgets, and chatbots were not connecting.  This was a disaster, an Armageddon for some businesses and social junkies that rely solely on Facebook & its’ other properties that were affected by this meltdown.

Personally, I think this was a blessing in disguise and a wake-up call for us entrepreneurs.  We cannot rely on one traffic source and we must leverage each traffic source we have in order to build our list, no, our tribe of fans.

Diversify Your Outreach

Today’s world is distracted–everyone’s attention is split and people spend more time than ever on Facebook, YouTube, Google and other ONLINE properties.  The key is, they are online more than ever which gives you the business owner and entrepreneur, a distinct advantage over bigger companies.  Local business can create local experiences for customers where their customers can get to know, like and trust them and support their business.  Small businesses are what makes America and what Makes America Great :).

Think about all the different channels that you use and can use to build your business.  An economics teacher would say something like, “Diversify your advertising so your risk is eliminated.”  This is fancy talk for spend money where your customers spend the most time.  Get them to know, like, and trust you.  Use more than one advertising medium so in case one does not work, another will and it will “assist” each other like a TEAM.

Leverage Platforms to Build Your Tribe

It’s imperative to build your list.  This means collect and use as much information you are able to from your prospect’s leads, clients, referrals, etc.  This is crucial so let me explain in an example below.  Remember, think of the places you advertise as a traffic source to put your message.  You are buying relevant eyeballs to get customers now and to build a list to make those leads long term raving fans of your business!   (THIS APPLIES FOR ALMOST EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS)


You own a restaurant.  You are running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Groupon and Mailers.

Leveraging on Facebook and Instagram

You run a BOGO offer for your World Famous Burrito.  All they need to do is enter their cell phone to receive a text message to redeem the offer before the offer goes away.  The person clicks the button, which immediately sends them a message on Facebook messenger that says something like, “Awesome, what’s your cell # to text you the BOGO Offer?”  You enter your cell phone.  As a business owner this is powerful stuff.  Now you have them on 2 key communication channels: 1. Facebook messenger, on the app they are likely on every day.  2. Text, which is the house of all communication today.  Do you see the power and relevance?  You used an ad to move them to 2 key areas they use and check daily.  You get them to BUY from you with a great offer.

THIS is the real power of building your database:

  • You built a database so you no longer need to pay for this person to come back.  You can send messages on your own and avoid constantly “buying” the same customer over and over again.
  • You can mass send promos, events, etc. to drive sales TODAY
  • You can capture more data with offers, events, and promos to build a full profile like full name, birthday, email, and more.
  • You can get more reviews and become a “CHEERS” of the neighborhood
  • You no longer have to stress about getting clients


Leveraging through Groupon and Mailers

Imagine this, you run your Groupon and drop your mailer campaigns.  You have a customer come to your location with their Groupon or Mailer in hand.  When they hand the coupon to the waiter or cashier, you have them scan your Chat Bot code (which is very easy to do).  See an example below and pull out your phone right now and scan it.  Test it and you’ll see how SIMPLE it is to build your audience out.  It’s cheap, it’s easy, and has HUGE revenue opportunity.

What you have done is leveraged the traffic and eyeballs from Groupon and Mailers to build your own list.  It’s super easy to do, you just need a little direction, Google or YouTube searches, or flat out hire a company to do this for you to build your empire.

The #1 Goal is to use the above-mentioned traffic sources to build your own list.  So the more money you spend on advertising, the more you are getting new customers in the door while. At the same time, you are getting those people’s name, email, Facebook likes/fans, got them to subscribe to your text message list, they became chatbot subscribers, and got the information needed to push other messages to them.

Have a Follow Up System in Place

Congrats! You now just built your media company for your business to grow, scale, and conquer.   While your competition is sleeping, you are growing and doing this AUTOMATICALLY using a FOLLOW UP MONSTER 🙂 Leverage the “traffic sources” of Facebook and Instagram to take them off and into your own database.  TAKE ACTION… IMPERFECT ACTION. 


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