How I Helped a Student with a 1 Call Close

I helped a new GSD student close his 1st deal live on ZOOM yesterday morning. Here are the details many of you may find helpful, you tell me.
  • He’s young, looks to be about 19-21. ⁣
  • He has a full time job.⁣
  • Mom probably thinks he’s playing video games.⁣
Industry: Real Estate⁣
Level: 8/10 Difficulty to Close Agents⁣
  • What Makes You Different
  • Competition
  • Waste of Money
  • Tried and Failed


  • Had to be flexible on price to find a WIN WIN situation and required a testimonial based on the potential of this working, not the evidence it does work. ⁣
  • Negotiated to build real life momentum and a “foot in the door” win⁣
Next Steps:
  • Month 1 is to prove potential, month 2 onwards is at the full price. ⁣
Here are the answers to the Objections as they came:
  • What makes you Different: The good old interview from the prospects.⁣
  • Answer: Aside from helping Realtor(com), working with Zillow clients, and over 40,000 agents, we gained so much data and insights based on what actually works vs what is available. So due to our access to information, we decided to focus all of our attention on what generates revenue for our clients, not just ourselves. ⁣
  • Competition: I have 5 others that want me to run ads. ⁣
  • Answer: Just like the fitted hat I am wearing right now, it is not perfect, does not fit my head, that’s why it can’t work, it’s one size fits ALL. What we do differently is customize to your needs, just like this conversation and the future conversations we have. It’s based on the lost art of “customer service” Make sense.⁣


  • Waste of Money: I’ve blown money and feels like it’s like pissing down the drain.⁣
  • Answer: It can be that way. When we had the global head of strategy for META (authority frame), we talked about why 90% of advertisers are pissing money away. It’s due to the fact that they don’t know how FB’s or any platforms AI actually works. (Explained how this works with some technical language as well). ⁣
  • Story Loop: When I was in High School, my girlfriend and I broke up. But that never prevented me from dating again (short and simple, reframe) ⁣


  • Tried and Failed – handled with the build up from the Competition and Waste of Money Answer but to make sure it was fully addressed….⁣
  • Answer: Derrick is new at this, if you came direct to me, I am 10-20 times more for the same program he runs. He has the backing of myself and my team to assist you. So while he is new, you will have the top level of customer service, access, and right now PRICE. Make sense? ⁣
Then the negotiation at the end:
We came to a happy conclusion that with this would provide a WIN WIN all around. That is important to have a healthy relationship of respect and value long run. ⁣
Conceded price to move forward to start and “get a foot in the door”
  1. Full price month 2 onward based on potential of results and gives time build a real relationship⁣
  2. Payment made on the spot⁣
  3. Contract sent⁣
  4. Next steps established.⁣
Now our student has a fully recorded call with me that can work at any price level.
There’s much more that I left out, this was 30 minutes flat on the call and I left after the payment was made to ensure this was done. ⁣
What I was doing was anticipating every concern I already know to be true before it came up so I can story tell, which would lead to my looping, which would lead to my reframing very well. ⁣
Happy Holidays.
P.S. If you want access to LIVE recorded sales calls and breakdowns, objection handling, KPI’s, follow up sales and more… let me know – 197. There’s lots of bonuses included such as scripts, stories, how to get the sale, do’s and don’ts.
OUTCOME – close deals you are losing one when you have that one shot, one opportunity. The difference of a sales or a no, is the skill level of the sales pro.

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