The James Bond of Sales: Bill Walsh

You’ve all heard “Sales is the Lifeblood of a Business” yet so many people lack the sales skills to make the type of income they want.  

We were so Pumped to have Bill Walsh, a good friend, and great Sales Professional. 

In this interview, Bill gives us some incredible insights and strategies that could easily help you close your next sale. Watch the full interview and recap below. 

The Early Days for Bill

Before Bill was the “James Bond of Sales”, he was running a fitness business in London doing the sales and fitness training.  When Covid hit, the business was gone in a blink.  He eventually transitioned to become a sales executive at 7th Level, where he was a part of a team that scaled sales to 9-Figures!

What is Selling?

When Bill was working as a trainer, he saw himself as just the trainer but now realizes he was always selling.  At its core, selling is simply helping people get out of their own way, and that’s exactly what he was doing as a trainer.  He even coached a wheelchair-bound woman out of her chair!

As a trainer, he realized he was selling an idea, a dream, motivation, courage, conviction, and certainty that pushed his clients to change their health and reach their goals.

Embrace Fear to Stay Driven and Hungry

Even the best salesman has fear of failing and not being able to support their family and Bill is no exception. He embraces that fear and uses it to stay hungry and driven.

When the pandemic hit and Bill’s business shut down he was, in his own words, “scared shitless”.  His income disappeared and he had a baby on the way.  

He put his fear aside and after talking with a friend, agreed to help him sell his online course for a commission on each sale.  He soon found himself making a lot more money than he ever did as a trainer… and his sales career was born!

The Worst Approach to a Sale…

One huge piece of advice Bill expounds on is the fact that you cannot approach a sales conversation with your own selfish outcome as the priority.  When you enter the conversation like that, the prospect can feel it.  They know you’re there for yourself and therefore they don’t feel a connection.

What’s the right approach?  Every conversation needs to be about your need to help that person!  The direct correlation of helping them is how you get paid.  

You can’t get paid first without helping.

The Sport of Sales

In sales, you get paid when you perform.  Bill looks at it like golf…  He can drive the ball down to the green in two shots, but if it takes him four shots to put it in, he’s still fine.  He’ll set a goal to drive the sale down to the green in 3 shots and put it in the hole in one shot.

“Let me think about it”… Getting Behind the Smokescreen

Bill talks about handling objections and the importance of identifying smokescreens hiding the actual objection.  How many times have you heard, “let me think about it”?  It’s your job to get to the real objection. What’s really holding them back from moving forward with you?  The faster you can identify the objection the faster you can help that person.  

So how do you get behind the smokescreen to identify the real objection?  

One effective strategy Bill uses when a prospect says they need to think about it is by saying, 

“I can appreciate that you want to go and think about it.  But when you do, what is coming out for you specifically that makes you want to sit in it and see if I can actually help?”  

That question generally brings out the real objection.  From there, with the real objection known, you can work to turn that “No” into a “Yes”.


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