Jim Cathcart on Self Discipline, Sales Bottlenecks, and Success: A Recap of an Inspiring Interview

The GOAT Show: Jim Cathcart

Rahul and Cody had the opportunity to sit down with Jim Cathcart, one of the top speakers in the world and a man who has been on 3,000 stages with some of the biggest names like Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar. In this interview, Jim talked about what to ask yourself DAILY. He emphasized the importance of self discipline and how to deal with core bottlenecks in sales. He also discussed the detachment side of sales and offered some excellent overall advice for securing your future for success and enjoyment.

The Daily question

We learned a lot from our conversation with Jim, but one of the most important things is how mindset sets successful people apart.

People with the right mindset succeed. Period.

The one question Jim advises you to ask yourself is, “How would the person I’d like to be, do the things I’d like to do?”.  The more you can think like the future you, the more you can act and be like the future you.

Self Discipline

Getting what you want out of life and business also requires a lot of self discipline.  It can be easy to want to quit when things get hard, stressful or just plateaus.  Even the most talented person can give up too soon and never see the success they could have had.

What you allow in and out of your mind plays a big role in your ability to stay the course when the road gets rocky.  What helps?  Jim suggests daily affirmations and being around optimistic people.  This will help your mindset reinforce the actions you take every day.

Micro Successes

This takes us to Micro Successes…

These are so important in helping you move forward when you feel like you’re up against an immovable wall.

Your discipline lives in your micro commitments. If you want to exercise, your first micro commitment is to put on your workout shoes. Then you’re done. The next micro decision is to commit to walking to the curb. Now you have a yes or no decision. Do you walk back in the house and go back to sleep, or do you walk to the end of the block?

Say you’re terrified of showing up to a sales meeting.  Instead of succumbing to your fears… just show up.  Let go of your expectations and desired outcomes. JUST. SHOW. UP.

Making small intentional moves moves like “just showing up” or “walking to the curb” is what makes success over a long period of time.

Core Bottleneck: Sales

When it comes to core bottlenecks in sales, where many of us find ourselves, Jim stressed that the key is to simplify the process.

Making micro decisions simplify the process of continuing through difficult tasks like that scary sales call.

What disciplines are you willing to apply to you get what you want?

To be an expert in your field, it just takes 1 hour a day for 5 years… To be the leading authority, it takes 10 years.

The problem people face is that they are not disciplined enough to continue.

Sales is the lifeblood of any business, yet so many people resist doing it. The first step of sales is to simply dial a phone number. The next step is to decide if you want to hit the GREEN button to connect or not.

The simple process to micro decision making is that it teaches you to take small steps to have a BIG impact for your business, your staff, and your family.

The Detachment Side of Sales

One incredibly helpful insight Jim gave us on sales is that you must detach yourself from your plan of getting the sale.  Instead, shift your focus on the prospect.  You have to be interested in them.

Think of public speaking…

What makes the speaker nervous?  Thinking about themselves.

When you forget that you exist and just care about the people, it gets so much easier.

Next time you’re nervous about a sales call, pause and think about the customer and why you do what you do.


Final Advice

As if everything Jim gave us up to this point wasn’t enough, he left us with some final advice to help you through your journey to success.

  1. Save more money for future you
  2. Have the humility to learn from people you didn’t think were further along from you.
  3. Resist the temptation to believe that someone in their 30s knows enough to teach you to make life decisions.


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