Kaitlyn and Keith’s Success Story: How They Hit Their 20k/Month Revenue Goal in Just 2 Months

Kaitlyn and Keith were at a standstill. They could not seem to grow their agency beyond 6-8k in monthly revenue. They knew they needed help, so they decided to take a leap and join the GSD family. Within just two months of becoming students, they hit their 20k/month revenue goal! In this interview, Rahul digs deep into the strategies that helped Kaitlyn and Keith achieve such success. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, don’t miss this interview!

How it Started

Kaitlyn and Keith started their marketing agency smack in the middle of the pandemic in 2020.  They had joined other programs and were still struggling to move past 6-8k months.  After asking another marketer about ISAs and Setters, they heard about the GSD.

They knew they needed to fill their calendar and needed help getting calls booked as well as having the sales skill and confidence in closing them.

After learning that the GSD could help solve that problem and literally every other problem they could run into, they decided to make the investment into the program.

After their onboarding call with Cody, they were anxious but new if they did the work, this was going to work big time.  And boy did it!

The Holistic Approach

What really helped Kaitlyn and Keith move the needle in their business was the holistic approach the GSD takes.  There are no secrets or “tricks”.  It’s simply about three core categories:

  1. Mastering traffic
  2. Mastering sales systems
  3. mastering delivery systems

With Rahul and Cody coaching them through these categories, it opened the flood gates in their business.  A flood of calls, a flood of clients, a flood of revenue.

Kaitlyn realized that the GSD, “wasn’t solving just one problem. It was solving each piece of the puzzle so that we could sustainably scale”.


The culture, community and no bullshit approach the GSD provided drove Kaitlyn and Keith to a level they really didn’t think was possible.  And now, looking into the future of their business they can finally see 100k months on the horizon.

Thinking of 100k months Kaitlyn says, “What it means is we’re impacting a lot of people. I’m a CEO. We’re building a team and a culture. I’m no longer working in the business… I’m working on the business. We’re building a million dollar company.”

Their Timeline 

When they first started with the GSD, they learned to define and implement their Scary Offer and work on their messaging as they began prospecting and doing outreach.

Then, as revenue grew with their successful offer and sales framework, they’ve been able to build a team allowing Kaitlyn to head up sales while Keith handles operations.

Did they Expect to Grow this Fast?

“Nope!” says Kaitlyn.  “Business doubled in January. It’s all the things working together. I posted one story and closed a 20k contract.”  All they needed was someone who has done it and knows what works and the exact way to grow and scale the business.

The GSD was the biggest investment they have ever made in their business. They believed in themselves and the process.  They committed to it and reached their goal in record time and have new goals they never thought possible.


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