How Kim Fancher Scaled from $500 to $19,500 in Just 2 Months with G$D

We’ve got a story for you that’ll make you rethink what’s possible in building a digital agency today. It’s all about Kim Fancher, one of The G$D’s shining star students, and her insane growth trajectory.  We sat down with Kim for a student spotlight and here’s a recap of how she was able to grow her agency to 5 figure months so quickly… 

Kim’s Early Hustle

Kim started her career off by grinding in sales and marketing for a bunch of companies. Then one day she decided to take a shot at running her own digital agency, invested in a coaching program, and ended up throwing thousands of dollars into ads, and… crickets. 

Enter The G$D

Kim’s investment in a previous coaching program did not work out so well but she didn’t give up.  After much thought, she decided to take the plunge into The G$D’s Agency Launch program.

If you’ve ever hopped onto a new platform or joined a new program, you’ll know it can be intimidating and Kim felt that too, surrounded by pros. But she quickly found this program truly meets students where they’re at and helps them level up and turn that startup into a rocket ship.

Kim’s Custom Blueprint…

Kim detailed exactly what the G$D helped her do as she quickly grew her agency into four important things:

  1. Trust the Process: She took the ‘imperfect action’ route. Sounds counterintuitive, but in this game, momentum is everything. With Cody’s insights and the G$D playbook, Kim didn’t just execute; she understood.
  1. Business Growth is More than Leads: All of us can snag leads. But Kim? She made sure those leads converted into deals.
  1. Transparency Rules: She has a knack for setting clear expectations with prospects and clients. And we all know, a clued-in client is a happy client.
  1. The G$D Way: Niche. Offer. Traffic. This isn’t just a mantra. It’s the glue that holds it all together and creates real sustainable business growth. Kim followed it to the letter, and the results? Phenomenal.

Kim’s Two Cents

Just as Kim says in this interview… “You have time or money. Which one are you going to spend?” 

Think about it. She bet on the right mentorship to shortcut the learning curve. And judging by her journey, she made the right decision.

And speaking of mentorship, hats off to Cody and Rahul. Kim couldn’t stop talking about how they genuinely cared. Personal touch? Check.

So, from a humble $500/mo to becoming a G$D superstar, Kim’s story screams one thing: Average is just a mindset!

Kim’s success isn’t just about numbers; it’s about dedication, the right coaching, and solid proven strategy.

Hungry for a similar success story? Thinking G$D could be your game-changer? If Kim’s journey got you even a tad bit curious, let’s chat. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Book that call!

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