Lee Goff: Agency Success Roadmap

Lee Goff helps agency owners run their business in more effective ways. He has made multi-million dollars in revenue at his previous agency and has now taken everything he has learned to become an agency coach. From the bedroom to the boardroom, he has found his way to master running an agency and dedicates his time to helping others. He also has a book called “Agency Success Roadmap”, which talks about starting out running an agency to making more than 7 figures.


Riches in the Niches

The first chapter of his book talks about niching. He recommends finding a niche to make the process easier. When you get a client in a different industry, you have to start all over again–research needs to be done about that new industry. If you have worked with dentists over and over again, you may have the keywords list and have the right knowledge at hand. Niching down will help you to close deals because work is a lot faster. Build confidence and build your own product line. Each time you have a client in this niche, you get better and better, and your confidence increases resulting in better results.



Work smarter not harder and what is ⅓ of the cost will get you 2x the profit. This is because you now have templates for everything. Pick a direction and run with it. Hopefully this niche can build momentum for you so that you don’t have to work with other industries you know nothing about. Niching down= more relationships built and more gigs in that industry (maybe speaking opportunities).


The profits are in the products. Optimize your service by using productization. Each time you deliver the same product, you get better at the delivery. You will also be able to make use of a value ladder and upsell for these products. Using standardization also decreases your labor costs–you already have all of your products done for you!


Make sure you are pricing your products the right way, as that part of productization can get tricky.

Closing the deal

Have a delivery system and a proposal template. It’s all about the psychology of the sale, rather than the products you are selling. Your payment proposal should have: psychology of the sale, Q&A, facts, payment terms, trust values, testimonials/proof, etc. This takes 15-30 min!


Make sure your template is printable. Even if it is online, there is a high chance that the person will still print it out. And if they don’t read it, someone else will (aka the silent advisor, maybe their spouse). Don’t make a fool out of yourself if the document does not print looking professional.

Follow Up

Everything leads up to the follow up. Sales and revenue is in the follow up, not in the one-call close. Try my follow up machine at fumonster.com! It has helped me close deals like never before.


If you are just starting out, niching may not be your first step right now. You may have to take any client you can get. However, think of your long-term plan on who you want to serve and what you enjoy! By using Lee Goff’s tips, you will be on your way to being a 7 (or more) figure agency and you will have your own system made.


Search Marketing Agency Success Roadmap in Facebook to join Lee Goff’s group. Go to agencysuccessroadmap.com to get the book for $7. You get proposal templates in there too! It’s a step-by-step guidebook to building your agency in a logical timeframe.


Need help deciding what niche to go to?  I have some niches that I specifically work with, while I also have other clients in various industries. I know how niching can make your marketing services a lot easier and I also have a lot of experience with many industries out there. Set up a call with me! https://calendly.com/customcreatives/30min


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