Leverage Setters for Sales and Scale

“If you don’t have a setter in your business, you are the setter”

Let’s uncover the #1 hire that every single Agency Owner & Consultant must have in their business to stay sane, grow predictably, and STOP doing the front line tasks.
Here’s what we are going to cover w/ Thad…

  • How he’s using his setters
  • Delegating the training and scripting
  • Tracking progress & growth
  • What it has opened up for his business and personal life.

If you are playing a 5 vs 5 basketball game, why show up with 1 person. You will lose every time guaranteed.

That is how you burn out. We don’t want that.

This is a belief system. Do you believe in TEAM? If you do, you’re gonna love this event.

COME join us #LIVE and learn how to be the business owner you know you want to become.

80% is your mind. It will either hold you back or set you free.

20% is your skill.

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