?️ LIVE Guest Dennis Yu, one of the WORLD’S best marketers!

Today our Custom Creatives experts Rahul Alim and Cody Getchell sat down for an informative chat with the BEST in personal branding… Dennis Yu! Dennis has worked with HUGE businesses and he brought that experience to us LIVE to help us work on our personal brands. Dennis has worked with clients such as: The Golden State Warriors, GoDaddy and many other top brands around the world. We learn about the BEST ways to get people to KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST you!

Here’s just a bit of what we cover:

  • The power of 15-second stories shared from your cell phones across multiple platforms FB pages, FB chat, LinkedIn, Messages, email, and 10 other channels easily
  • Maybe we get Dennis to do it live?
  • Tips & Advice from Dennis who has likely trained the mentors you may have learned from

BONUS: GET the Personal Brand Manager that Dennis uses to integrate into your business NOW!

After this video, you’ll have all the tricks to build a 7 Figure Agency from your phone!

This is not a “watch Dennis talk webinar” Dennis states in the beginning. “I’m tired of webinars” lets hold some people accountable and get some progress made TODAY. Today the algorithms are too smart for the old tricks. Are your methods no longer working? This could be why. What does Dennis suggest that you can do from your phone NOW. It’s easy, 15 – second videos shared from your cell phone across all platforms. 15 seconds on Facebook, FB Chat, Linkedin, email, Instagram ANYTHING. It’s not difficult, it just takes some motivation. This one tip alone will boost your agency in no time.

Still need clarification or some motivation? By the end of this call, you should have your OWN 15 second video ready to build your brand. Dennis walks you through it… literally. In our call we go through a LIVE rundown of how Dennis builds his brand. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a proven GOAT of marketing!

To top it all off, Dennis provides all of us listening with tips and advice from his many years of professional experience AND his experience training the mentors you have learned from.

This is not a session you want to miss… seriously.

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