LJ’s Predictable Recurring Revenue, a GSD Elite Mastermind Member

This must be getting old AF.  Are you sick of it yet?  Over and over and over again… could be annoying, so I apologize.

Like A baby kicking the back of your seat and crying on a 10 hour flight is annoying.

Every single day my DM is being kicked with RESULTS from our students.  Closing deal after deal.  Break through after break through.  (this is NOT annoying for the record :)))

LJ is a new GSD Elite mastermind member and just closed $3,400 in RECURRING REVENUE.  This is NOT just sales commissions for a ONE time rip and get to the next sale.  This is ONGOING recurring revenue.  Predictable for the next month, then next month, and the next…

Best part is, we just started and there’s already more in the PIPE.

We helped him crack 2 brand new niches at the exact same time.  Fucking hard starting from ground ZERO. We had to act fast cause we have really HIGH standards for ourselves, and LJ matched that tenacity and GOAL crushing, GSD mentality.

Right out the gates we got to work (GSD Method):

  • we trained up his setter
  • wrote up his cold call and warm inbound scripting
  • set up his offer & his pricing to productize
  • uploaded some ads
  • shared our organic top lead converting post frameworks

WALA, like David Blaine (magician) can elevate and perform miracles, we helped LJ get his business off to record breaking starts.
What would you feel like adding $3,400 a month right now?  Pretty freakin’ great I bet!

That’s a typical result in the life of a GSD elite mastermind student.

LJ Hired GSD

Why LJ and not the other DMAO’s?

Well, it’s easy to answer: he hired us – GSD.

Now he has a precise roadmap & regular accountability to reach his destination and make more money NOW.  Plus it never hurts to have THE Batline to me & Cody every fucking day to get on demand support.

Coaching calls every day. Support every day. Answers every day. Solutions to go from WILD guesses, to precise answers in minutes.

You see after 18 years running businesses, I’ve learned a lot on how to handle solutions that I can help you execute.  
There are 2 roads everyone is presented with:

Road 1: Go out on your own, in your current situation with your current set up and try to make a past program work or do it alone.  This is the road most commonly traveled because it’s the easiest and most comfortable. This is at the corner of “I will figure it out LANE & Let me think about it PLACE”

Road 2: Hire my team, and you will guarantee to make your investment back and set you on the path to closing on vacation and having a team do your work.

Questions for ya: Of the two roads, which one would get you where you want to go faster and more predictably?  Doing it your way now… OR … With me and my guarantee you will get there?

In the words of Phil Knight, CEO of NIKE:

Just Fucking Do It!

(modified for the GSD)

4,000 weeks in a lifetime, if you are tired of spending another week figuring it out and are committed to working hard… I will personally help you crush it even if you have some fear, skepticism, doubts, money issues, etc… I heard it all.  If you can’t get past that on your own… IT’S YOUR TIME NOW.

Listen to PHIL, shut the other voices out holding you back.

Drop Me DM

and let’s have a private chat on how you can do the same and get results you never knew you could.

Here’s to no more weeks going by doubting yourself, and build your #Legacy


Rahul “Gives a Fuck” Alim

Author: Rahul Alim
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