How-To Generate Local Gym Leads for Less Than $6 With Facebook Ads [Case Study]

Do you want to generate more leads for your local gym?

Maybe you’re a Facebook advertiser who is researching what is working for other agencies like ours?

Either way, in this case study, I’m going to show you the exact campaign that we used to generate $6 leads for a fitness studio in Glendale, CA.

For the skimmers, here is what I’m about to share with you:

  • How I get local gym leads for our clients for less than $6 each.
  • The exact ads, images, and copy that I used.
  • All the details you need to do the same thing.

What would 177 leads in 60 days do for your business?

Ready? Let’s do this!

Part 1: Start With A Great Offer

One of the first things we discuss with a new client is its introductory offer. Nearly all business owners despise offering deep discounts or free offers to get people to come in the door.

Free offers are one of the biggest misconceptions of marketing (and sales) in general. You have to understand that the value is created after the experience.

Getting people in the door to experience your business is the hardest things a business must do to survive, so you need to remove as much friction as possible. The best way to do that is not to ask a lead to take out his or her credit card on the first visit.

Once they do visit, and they experience how great your business is, it is up to you and your sales staff to move them up your value ladder.

If you’ve never heard of the value ladder concept before, here is an example of what one looks like for most gyms: 

Most people typically refer to these as “upsells.”

So, for this client, we offered a free class which was worth $25.

The free class would allow people to experience the excellent facilities and staff the studio has so people would keep coming back in the future.

Part 2: Ad Creative & Copy

For this client, we ran four different ads. Two were images, and two were videos.

All of these ads were utilizing Facebook’s Lead Forms because (in most instances) Facebook charges more for ads that drive people to a landing page or external source.

Why does Facebook do this? Because it is evil! I am just kidding. Facebook wants to keep users on its platform, so if you are using ads to drive people off of Facebook, it tends to be more expensive.

Facebook Lead ads are pop-up contact forms on the user’s screen, and after submitted, the form disappears, and the user can keep scrolling right on down his or her newsfeed.

Now that you know why we used Facebook Lead Ads for this campaign check out the ad below, which was the clear winner (look at that engagement on Instagram!).

Headline: Try 1 Class For FREE ✨

Text: Need a change of pace and a higher class of fitness experience?

Sync Yoga & Cycle offers…

✨ Yoga powered by therapeutic infrared heat

✨ Cardiovascular benefits of HIIT cycling (in our state of the art sound-system chamber ?)

✨ Targeted core strength and alignment

✨ Guided mindfulness meditation

So if you need a new, powerful fitness experience that’s anything but “routine” it’s time to try Sync Yoga & Cycle.

We’re giving away 20 coupon codes to try 1 class for FREE. Click or tap [DOWNLOAD] below to claim your coupon code!

*New Students Only Please

Call To Action: Download

Part 3: Ad Details

Best-Performing Ad

Ad Objective: Lead Form

Impressions: 36,469

(How many people saw the ad.)

Frequency: 2.05

(How many times people saw the ad on average.)

Clicks on Ad: 720

Cost Per Click: $0.60

Relevance Score: 8 

Total Cost: $431.24

Entire Campaign

Ad Objective: Lead Form

Impressions: 72,629

(How many people saw the ad.)

Frequency: 2.40

(How many times people saw the ad on average.)

Clicks on Ad: 1,501

Cost Per Click: $0.67

Total Cost: $1,003.35

Relevance Scores: 7s, 8s, & 9s

Part 4: The Results

Before we jump into all the lead details for this campaign, I want to ask you one question:

What would 177 leads in 60 days do for your business?

You may be worried about having to follow-up with all of those leads promptly, but something tells me it would be pretty impactful and you would find a way to make it happen. After all, you’re an entrepreneur!

Need help following up with leads in your business? Check out our fully-automated Follow-Up Monster.

As we mentioned above, there was one clear winning ad. Here are the results:

Best Ad Leads Generated: 96

Best Ad Cost Per Lead: $4.49

Here are the results for the entire 60 days this campaign ran:

Leads Generated: 177

Cost Per Lead Generated: $5.67

Part 5: Retargeting Website Traffic

Never again do we want to hear: Retargeting isn’t worth it!

Why? Because our client would have missed out on 13 additional leads if we wouldn’t have implemented website retargeting. Moreover, all we had to spend was $21.22!

Retargeting Leads: 13

Retargeting Cost Per Lead: $1.63

We rest our case ⚖️.

Summary (Plus, What You Should Do Next…)

Learning what has worked for others is just the first step. However, if you want to maximize your potential on Facebook, you need to understand the powerful tools that you have at your fingertips…That’s why my partner put together this bonus, on-demand video that you can get access to below.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • Proper Tracking Codes: With adding one line of code to your website, multiple social networks can track what people do on your site and enable you to “retarget” them at a later time.
  • Audiences: The groups of people that you target to show your ads to. Can be built from email lists, website visitors, people who interact with your brand online and more.
  • Irresistible Offers: Giving people a good reason to come into your business is critical. Creating urgency and scarcity (legitimately) is the best way to do this.
  • Brand Awareness Campaigns: People don’t want to see sales ads from businesses they’ve never heard about. Campaigns that generate local awareness get your “foot in the door” so people are expecting to hear from you again.
  • Great Design & Copy: The real secret to making Facebook ads work is beautifully designed ads with persuasive copy that makes people act.

Author: Rahul Alim
Custom Creatives was established to serve as your full-service one-stop Digital Marketing Company, offering graphic design, web design and web development agency, catering to businesses of all sizes. Custom Creatives has designed and deployed over 100,000 banner ads, as well as thousands of websites and landing pages and print collateral for small businesses and large international corporations. Providing exceptional quality services and products with a high return on investment is at the heart of everything we do.


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