Low Price Logos Can Cost You

Regardless of the state of the economy, everyone wants to save a buck or two. When a business owner decides that it’s time to get a logo and sees all the different prices charged for the same services for their business it could be very tempting to go with the bargain solutions. Companies claiming that they can provide 100’s of logos for $200 or so may seem like a great idea for a company just starting out that needs to save money for running their business. However, these types of budget solutions can be harmful to your business and cost you more time and money in the future.

When getting a logo designed for your business, your aim should be to have a logo that is timeless, something that will last the life of your business. Nike’s logo has remained consistent throughout its life. While presentation and color may change, the form has remained. If you choose a logo that is sub-par and begin using it on advertising and marketing pieces then decide after a year or two that it’s just not working or it sends the wrong message, or even that it was too trendy and now looks outdated then you’ll have to pay to fix this. A rebranding means time and money spent on a new logo, replacing the artwork on all printed materials and digital works. If the logo had been designed by a professional that helped you understand the power and value of the design then you would be more confident in choosing a mark that will represent your company for the life of your business.

On a slightly more technical note, you may not be knowledgeable on all of the logo file formats that must be delivered to you, so that you can use it adequately with other design agencies or even personal use. Therefore when you receive your final files from these companies you may run into unexpected problems such as the logo being low-resolution or have difficulty scaling it for larger formats like billboards or signage.

Sure, the sheer number of choices available may lead you to think that it’s a good deal. As consumers we’re used to breaking things down to a price/unit comparison. But it doesn’t apply in the same way here. The unit is one logo that you choose for your business. Why pay for 99 logos you aren’t going to use. Now that the evaluation is much simpler to make, you can compare prices easier. But how much of a deciding factor should price be anyway? When it’s something truly important we look at everything from quality of the product and satisfaction guarantees to the level of fulfillment. With logos, you should be considering all of these elements and then some when comparing price to services rendered.

A quality design agency doesn’t make money in volume. While pricing may be a bit more than these bargain-basement operations, they’re still competitive with similar agencies. For agencies, the value in a logo design is not just that one contract but in the satisfaction of client that will look to them for further projects because they were able to impress the client with professionalism, quality, attention to client needs and experience delivering products that are targeted and well-thought out.

If you’re thinking about getting a logo designed, we strongly urge you to think about what you’re buying and who from. Your business is important to you and you should settle for only the best, not the bargain.

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Author: Rahul Alim
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