Mastering Sales Funnels: How Joshua Gibbon Landed His Highest Paying Client Using our SLO to OTO System

We recently sat down with G$D student Joshua Gibbons to explore the evolution of his DFY Funnel Building Business in the G$D. The insights Joshua shares are valuable not just for fellow funnel builders, but also for anyone interested in leveraging funnels in their own business.

Unlocking Clarity with the G$D

Before joining the G$D, Joshua faced inconsistent revenue, business setup inefficiencies, and a lack of clarity in his offer. On top of that, he needed a refined sales process and better client acquisition strategies.

With Cody and Rahul’s mentorship, Joshua quickly gained that clarity and was able to refine his offer and identify his ideal clients more effectively. This increased his confidence and erased the underlying fears that had been holding him back.

Joshua’s Key Takeaways

For Joshua, the G$D experience was transformational for his business. After gaining a clear understanding of his offer and ideal client he was able to successfully transform his selling strategy and identified these key takeaways: 

  1. Identify Your Optimal Selling Strategy:

The optimal selling strategy, especially for those with more time than money, is to focus on finding the right target audience and communicating the right message to them.

  1. Know The Right Way to Use a Self-Liquidating Offer (SLO):

Joshua was already using an SLO funnel, a self-liquidating offer, but didn’t know how to integrate it into a broader system for high-ticket sales.  The G$D taught him exactly how to do this with great success.

  1. Understand the Impact Good Coaching Can have on the Growth of Your Business: 

Joshua recounted a 1 on 1 session he had with Cody and Rahul that was transformative for him. They pointed out the missing piece in his selling strategy… what comes after the Self-Liquidating Offer. He implemented their advice by offering a free welcome call to everyone who purchased his templates. This shifted his model from paying for calls to being paid around $50 to $100 for each qualified call he received.

PLUS… Not only did this strategy lead to Josh getting paid for calls but also landed him his highest-paying project ever of $5,000!

Personalized support and direct access to Cody and Rahul made a significant difference for Joshua. He felt taken care of and not left on his own after joining the G$D Program.

With the digital landscapes continually changing, Joshua is a great example of how important it is to commit to a proven process, be adaptable, and seek out mentorship. 

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