The Modern Way to Sales is Right Here

Do you answer blocked calls, unknown #’s, or people not in your phone book? Are your tactics of calling 2-3 times in a row no longer working? Heck, do you ever stare at your caller ID and a friend or loved one is calling and you’re thinking “why the fuck aren’t they texting me”!?

Welcome to the modern what to communicate!

The whole world loves convenience and speed. The best part is, there are NO boundaries. You can text at any time in any timezone.

Think of all the ways you can communicate, educate, make offers, follow up, and sell, it’s endless:

  • SMS
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Commenting
  • GMB
  • TikTok
  • Etc….

You can create massive scale and train an army of any size of people helping you sell your offers. You MUST BE STRATEGIC & TACTICAL though.

Ever heard: “You get one chance to make a 1st impression”? Make it count when you messaging.

Yes, there are scripts and I’ll give you one if you want (just dm me, like and comment this post so I can get it to you). But use my scripts as a Framework to start a convo, book a call, snappy humor, follow ups. Then advance yourself to use human connection. We are HUMAN 2 HUMAN sales.  There’s a person that doesn’t want to be sold on the other side. They want to be understood.

Prepare and practice this daily. Role play it. Embody it. Make it 2nd nature so it’s subconscious. Now while I coach, train, and scale Digital Marketing Agency Owners (DMAO’s) in record time to record months in sales, this can be used in anything outside of just work.

Properly understand your customer, learn to anticipate their problems, concerns, and goals… Then you’ll be an absolute SAVAGE and double or triple your INCOME. You can literally book 100-200 appts a month, qualify 50% to sales, and then do the math on your close rate.

Say it’s just 10% now..

And you have a $3k offer…

That’s $30k in sales.

If you still haven’t got my “CLOSE BY DM” demonstration of a LIVE close where I handled every objection anyone could imagine…

  • Timing
  • Money
  • Wife
  • Fear
  • Already have stuff I’ve bought

And more, you’ll see.

Comment “FULL CONVO” and I’ll send you the link to watch an actual close 

You’ll learn a more advanced way to close. 

If you want to master selling more digital marketing services or consulting services, I’ve personally sold over $40M to local business, my competition, other “famous coaches” you know, and PUBLIC companies. Like the big boys. Not the $1k a month shit, 100k+ a month clients. Multiple of them.

If you want these frameworks in your business and really build your own ROCKET SHIP to your dream life for your family and you legacy without any regret – leave it all on the table,   

? DM me and let’s have a chat. You can also comment below and I’ll reach out to you. 
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Author: Rahul Alim
Custom Creatives was established to serve as your full-service one-stop Digital Marketing Company, offering graphic design, web design and web development agency, catering to businesses of all sizes. Custom Creatives has designed and deployed over 100,000 banner ads, as well as thousands of websites and landing pages and print collateral for small businesses and large international corporations. Providing exceptional quality services and products with a high return on investment is at the heart of everything we do.


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