How Robert Closes $5,000 Consulting Deals for His Program

Hey G$D family! We recently sat down with G$D Student Robert Carbuccia, to chat about his journey from real estate closing high ticket consulting clients in our G$D Agency Launch program. The positivity and dynamism throughout our chat were contagious. Here’s what went down!

Robert’s Real Estate Roots

Robert has been in the real estate world for over two decades. With a solid history as a team leader for Keller Williams in Fort Lauderdale and being a prominent agent in the Big Apple, he’s been the go-to guy for anything from expired listings to handling the nitty-gritty of foreclosures. But what really spices up Robert’s profile is his expertise in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). NLP isn’t just a fancy term for him; it’s a tool that’s been pivotal in supercharging his real estate career. From generating leads to setting appointments, Robert stressed how NLP gave him that extra edge. 

Riding the G$D Wave

Robert’s journey soon connected him with the G$D and it was heartwarming to hear about his immense trust in our program. In Robert’s words, “The authenticity and sincerity of the program are unparalleled. The team’s approach isn’t just about getting things done but about having genuine fun along the way.”  It was a throwback moment when Rahul brought up the unique scenarios Robert brought to the table when he first joined, leading him to focus on coaching other real estate agents.

Even with financial struggles looming over, Robert took a leap of faith, joined our program, and guess what? The results were astounding. 

With tools like Follow Up Monster and a slew of automation techniques we introduced him to, Robert likened his newfound efficiency to having an army of salespeople… 

He said, “I started to notice what my ratios were. So I know that if I have at least 15 people in a classroom, at least 25% of them can become breakthrough coaching clients. And each breakthrough coaching client is $5,000 each.” 

Imagine converting a whopping 25% of class attendees into high-value coaching clients!

Different Results Require Different Actions

Robert left us with this thought: If you’re seeking different results, change your actions. Amen to that!  Success isn’t just about hard work. It’s about the right mentorship, tools, and self-belief. 

It’s Your Turn to Replicate Robert’s Results…

If Robert’s story inspires you to take new action that will get you the results you want, let’s see how the G$D can help you. 

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