How Ron Closes $55K Contract & Upsells It Along the Way

Ring the Bell $7,500 contract closed for my man Ron Lewis. Another big huge shout out for this man. Help me celebrate his WIN! This guy means a lot to me and the whole GSD fam.. and here’s why.

Things can turn around for anyone at any moment. Do you feel one decision can change the trajectory of your life forever?

By the way he just closed a $55k deal the other day too… Not a bad month $62,500 + all the other closes and pipeline deals in the works :).

We went live and talked about how he went from just starting his Digital Marketing Agency 1 year ago. That caught me off guard cause I thought he had been at it for a while so this makes it even more special.


  • 2021 Ron starts his agency – it’s just a baby!
  • Mid to Late 2021 Ron joins GSD
  • Learns skills he hadn’t known about before (IMPORTANT FOR LATER)
  • Implements skills, fails a bunch.
  • Implements skills, wins are coming in
  • Hires a setter. We help train her for him so he can focus.
  • Prepares & opportunities surround him (not by luck)
  • Realizes his value has gone up, the problem he solves has a higher value with the his new SKILLS
  • Ron CLOSES his biggest deal for his DM Agency yet $55k

RON NOW HAS A THRIVING AND GROWING AGENCY BUSINESS HE CAN FULLY SCALE, HIRE, HAVE FUN, AND MAKE MONEY! The true FREEDOM. Slavery was abolished a long time ago, yet many are still slaves of their own limiting beliefs and habits.

If you are a struggling Agency Owner… The only question you have to ask yourself is WHY?
Struggling is a choice, there are solutions out there and they are not for free. Do you want to struggle any longer or do you want to fix a solution and turn it into 6 figures or millions over the next few years?

Ron Lewis famous quotes about GSD

“It’s worth every single dollar”

“The knowledge and the confidence you guys put into my head… the stuff you give us is very high quality, and I could couldn’t be happier”

#GSD if you want to 3x, 5x or in Ron’s case blast through 6 figures from being in a brand new space with no clients and just starting.  The formula works.  It’s just like Novocain, give it time, it always works.

Here is the formula for anyone to steal.  5/6 items below require no money down other than you starting your journey.

  1. Buy skills from mentors like GSD
  2. Learn those skills, ask questions,
  3. Commit to yourself, family and dont be a quitter when it gets hard.
  4. Execute, fail. Execute win. Execute more winning
  5. Hire people.
  6. Pour fuel

Or go to college and then we can start in 4-6 years lol…

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Author: Rahul Alim
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