Sales Tip: Are you being Ghosted?

“Here a ghost, there a ghost, everywhere a ghost ghost”.  Don’t be afraid of no ghost….

Remember GAME 1 in the NBA finals with Cavs vs Warriors?  LeBron drops 51 points and they still lost?  Heart breaker!  Why did that happen when they could have won the game?  JR Smith was unprepared when it counted the most.  He decided to use a learning moment at the wrong time.  He made a fail when things were on the line, on the biggest stage with the NBA fans and World watching.

Now, you won’t have the world watching but you will have your team and your families livelihood on the line, so let’s go over some things to help you help everyone and look like a leader..

Here’s some tips to avoid being ghosted, and I am just going to list them out here.

Scenario I am going to talk about is tailored to digital marketing agency owners and coaching sales.
Had a great call, vibing with your prospect, then you get the…

“send me a proposal”

“send me more information”

“can I talk it over w/ my partner”

“send me the invoice”

“payment will be done on Monday”

Poof the magic show begins… better than a David Blaine show…Disappeared for good on ya… Then you text 6 times a day, DM, like all their posts, call, try calling from diff #’s etc… LOL

And yes, that happens to all of us at some point or another!  But let me tell you something… it does not have to be this way.

Here’s just a list to work on to help lessen your frequency of it happening or prevent it so you can bring more sales and revenue to your business and make more commissions or scale your business w/ more money for growth and development…

(Note if you want videos on this, comment “ghost man”) 

  1. Make sure there is a logistical reason for the follow up – if so, you will want a commitment of a deposit at any amount, $1k, $500, even $0 deposit.  If it is fear based, you might be fucked.
  2. Did you uncover the true pain or are you getting “uh huh’d” on the calls thinking that is interest
  3. Double opt in the confirmation for the following call – do a strong confirmation.
  4. Collapse the time and space to the next meeting to the shortest amount of time to the next yes, but at the same time dont put resistance on it by forcing them on a call.
  5. Be prepared for the next call, on this call, so try having an open loop story as a cliffhanger of value they want badly so they are really fighting in their mind that they HAVE TO COME to the CALL.

Example of setting that next call..

  1. Qualify – John, we can set up another call like you want to, before we do I want to be sure we are on the same page here.  Based on what I have presented to you, do you feel this could help?  (there’s more to this but this will give you a framework)
  2. Validate – Got it. So when we speak next, what would you like to cover so I can make sure I have everything prepared on my end?
  3. Close – I have us booked on Friday at 9am EST.  Could you check your email to see if you also have it? Great, can you tap the accept button so you will be reminded.
  4. Confirm – Our call is within the next 48 hours, do you think there would be any reason you would not be able to make the call?  Great, I appreciate it.  I will go ahead and send a reminder email and text between 15-20 minutes prior so you can grab a coffee or whatnot.  I will speak to you soon.

Be prepared with assets:

  1. Memes
  2. Tagging in videos
  3. Email sequences
  4. Reactivations
  5. Organize your CRM to stay on track
  6. Take great notes.
  7. Be customized – know your prospects likes, dislikes, notes.

Good luck, go do your thing.  Or don’t rely on luck and uplevel skills.  Better skills = More luck.

If you are ready to make real chedda (that means money), and invest a small amount into the most valuable skills you can have, DM me and let’s have a chat.

I will show you how I can help you make more money in the next 7 days like I have helped others close $4k a month retainers within 2 hours of our first call, or even turn a dead deal into a $36k annual contract before their stripe payment hit my account.  Pay with profits – how is that for results?

One life to live, in the great words of Ja Rule:

“What, do I do? To everybody that be livin it up, we say What, I do”

In the sake of time, since that is so valuable for us all, I am signing off to help more people make more money faster, and have an awesome day.  Make yesterday jealous.

Remember, there is only 4,000 weeks in a lifetime, take your risks now.


Rahul “Agency Whisperer” Alim


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Author: Rahul Alim
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