Sedrick’s Side Hustle Success with SaaS Marketing

We sat down with G$D student Sedrick Harris to talk about his business journey in the G$D Program.  Sedrick kicked off his business like many others… while working a full-time job. 

He’s a public service professional by day and a marketing entrepreneur by night and needed help scaling his business with the limited time he had. 

Enter The G$D Program

The G$D program is designed to help students refine their offers, amplify traffic, and supercharge sales. That’s exactly what Sedrick’s business needed!  Even as a part-time digital marketer, he was able to use proven strategies to grow his business with the little time he had.  

Sedrick’s key takeaways to building an agency and effectively connecting with new clients…

  • Speak the Customer’s Language: 

Ditch the jargon. Relate, understand, and then address pain points.  When agencies use terms like “SEO” and “PPC,” they can disconnect from blue-collar niches that may not understand or care about those terms. Instead, he emphasized the significance of using the language that the customer uses.

  • Have Customer-Centric Principles: 

Focus on saving and creating time, as well as saving and making money.  These are foundational for any business.  

  • Use a “Foot in the Door” Strategy: 

Sedrick stressed the importance of starting with a straightforward, high-value offer to pave the way for more significant engagements.  For him, this was text messaging for business.  It’s straightforward, simple, and impressive due to 98% open rates!

Are you ready to transform your business story? Dive deep into the world of The G$D and witness the growth, community, and success waiting for you. 

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Watch the full spotlight interview with Sedrick right here:


Author: Rahul Alim
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