Closing $6k-$10k Deals Every Week – Jenish Odigski G$D Case Study

An undeniable fact when running an agency is that sales are the lifeblood of business. And obstacles in your sales process have the power to take you down.

This is true for beginners AND for pros. No matter how great your product or service might be, if your sales process is weak, you could potentially be missing out on huge opportunities. Having the right foundations and systems in place are crucial for building up a successful business.

Not too long ago, G$D student and business developer, Jenish Odigski, found himself struggling to implement the right strategies into his sales process. Though his agency was capable of providing incredible marketing services, he just was not attracting the right types of clients. And for those ideal clients that did make it his way, he struggled with closing them.

This led to a cycle of choppy sales. With tons of no shows, people looking for low ticket offers, and prospects that just were not right for what his agency had to offer. Jenish knew that something needed to change in order to grow his agency faster and more efficiently.

Realizing that he needed guidance in order to scale his business successfully, Jenish joined the G$D group. After hitting the ground running and implementing everything he learned from our program, he now closes $6k – $10k every single week!

Here with us a few months into his journey with us, Jenish takes a look back with Rahul at how he took his agency from drawing the wrong prospects to consistently closing new deals every week.

Getting Bogged Down By The Wrong Prospects

For many digital marketers prospecting can be a pain. Getting the right people to find you, book a time with you, and then show up for calls can be a taxing process without the right systems in place. Jenish found himself struggling with this process in his own agency.

His sales pipelines would fill up with mostly bad leads. This meant that time was being allocated to prospects that would not buy and he was not able to put enough energy towards those that would.

Jenish was struggling to close small deals, and knew it was time to seek help or his agency would not be able to reach the heights he knew he was capable of. It was time to take his sales to the next level and scale up his agency.

From Struggling to Close Small Deals to $6K to $10K Deals Every Week

After deciding to change the course of his agency, Jenish sought out the help of the G$D program. He joined the group eager to learn as much as he could. He took notes during his coaching calls, he asked questions, and he implemented everything we taught.

Soon Jenish started to get on calls with more and more qualified leads. People who were ready to sign on for his services. He was no longer giving up time to bad leads. And that all became possible because of small changes to his sales process.

Joining the G$D program helped Jenish get a better understanding of what areas he could improve in. He was determined to move his agency in the right direction and he took the actions that would help get him there.

In fact, making these changes helped Jenish go from closing only a few deals in a month to closing multiple every week.

Starting 2021 With More Deals Than Ever Before

At the time of the interview above, just a few months into joining our group, Jenish was absolutely killing it with his sales. To the point where he could actually take a 6 month long vacation and not have to worry about his income.

His income has now skyrocketed, with deals constantly streaming in. At the time of the interview, Jenish has 7-8 launches scheduled for January 2021. He even had to push some launches back to February.

Gone are his days of struggling to close smaller contracts. Today Jenish’s agency is in high demand and consistently brings in large ticket contracts. And there’s so much more success in store for him.

Ready to Start Your G$D Journey?

Jenish is just one of many students of ours who have been able to scale their passion for digital marketing into a successful business. If you are ready to make a change, treat your business like an investment, and get results like Jenish– don’t click away and kick the can down the road, that’s too easy to do.
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Author: Rahul Alim
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