90 Day Journey From $10K to $100K Months – Tai Goodwin G$D Case Study

Are you getting the results you want from your digital marketing agency? If not, then we have a story for you. This is about how one of our students grew her agency from $10k months to $100K months in under 90 days by implementing some of our proven and simple strategies.

Known by many as the Quiz Queen, Tai Goodwin is the CEO of That Marketing Team, where coaches, consultants and course creators go when they are tired of doing all of their marketing on their own. Tai and her team work to put together quizzes that help generate leads for their clients. But up until a few months ago something was missing in her agency and it was holding her back from multiplying her income many times over.

When we first met Tai she was hitting the $10K-$12K mark consistently each month, but she knew there was still a ton of untapped potential that she wasn’t quite able to reach. She’d been in multiple programs previously and while they did offer a great deal of value, it just wasn’t enough to move the needle for her agency.

In the G$D she saw a community of like minded peers and coaches who practiced exactly what they preached. After following our content for a little while, Tai decided to jump into our program and take her agency to the next level

What happened over the next 3 months was incredible! Tai has consistently taken her agency to new heights day by day and is currently hitting 6 figures a month with her agency.

After achieving so much in such little time she was able to sit down with us and spill the beans on everything that’s helped her get to where she is today.

Doing The Most But Getting The Least Out Of Deals:

While her agency was bringing in revenue each month, Tai was stuck in a loop of selling her services for too little and trying to over deliver. This led to her not being able to hire a team that would help her offload tasks and focus on the areas that would help scale her agency. She was feeling burned out trying to do everything and getting very little back.

Instead of finding solutions to grow her business, this cycle turned her into a bottleneck. Things weren’t moving forward and there seemed to be no end to this loop of underselling and overworking. This was far from being her dream agency and she knew something had to change in order to get her agency where she wanted it to be.

While other programs had taught her how to run a business and did offer good value. Tai needed help running an agency and shifting her mindset to be able to sell more and at higher prices. That was when she found the G$D.

From $10K A Month to 2 $20K Deals in Just One Week:

For Tai, joining the G$D meant being surrounded by a community of action takers. People who shared their experiences, wins, and their bottlenecks. Along with coaches who had years of practical experience doing exactly what they taught. Hearing the conversations within the G$D helped Tai craft a new offer. One that she would sell for a much higher price point.

Where in the past Tai had trouble believing that she could sell her services for such a high price, Tai now had a package offer that she was confident in and could provide proof for and knew exactly the type of language to use to get the attention of her potential clients.

She took what she learned in the G$D and implemented it. She got the mindset shift that helped her stay consistent in applying proven strategies over and over even if she heard a few no’s. She did exactly what she learned and she saw results like never before.

In fact almost immediately after crafting her new offer which she priced at $20K, Tai closed two clients into that exact package in just one week. This was possible because she no longer held herself back due to limiting beliefs. She believed in what she was offering, she believed in her pricing and she was confident in her ability to close clients regularly.

With the increase in revenue, now Tai has been able to focus her energy into hiring a team of A players. This has given Tai even more capacity to grow her agency.

These results weren’t achieved overnight. Tai put in hours of hard work and intense dedication towards putting the systems and processes she learned into play.

She went through our training and was able to apply everything she learned about running a successful digital marketing agency. They used the tools, templates, and scripts we provide to our students and watched as her agency took off.

Results After 90 Days:

Today Tai is no longer feeling the burn of trying to do everything on her own. She has more high ticket clients then ever before and she is confident not only in her team’s ability to deliver but also in their ability to continue scaling. She’s seen that our systems and processes work. They are simple and repeatable and drive results.

Tai joined our group determined to get out of a cycle of feeling burned out from overdelivering for too low a price. She wanted to take her agency to new heights and see it run smoothly in a way that would allow growth. She took action, implemented everything she learned, and drove unbelievable results. And she did it all within the first 90 days of choosing to come on board with us.

Now with over a solid $100K in monthly recurring revenues coming into her agency, Tai no longer feels stuck in a loop. She is able to work on projects she loves and focus her energy in the areas of the business that she wants to. Gone are her days of feeling like a bottleneck in her own agency.

Ready to Start Your G$D Journey?

Tai is just one of many students of ours who have been able to scale their passion for digital marketing into a successful business. If you are ready to make a change, treat your business like an investment, and get results like Tai — don’t click away and kick the can down the road, that’s too easy to do.
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Author: Rahul Alim
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