What Does It Take To Close $1M In sales In A Month?

Ever feel like you’re so close to winning in life and sales but yet so far?  Guess what, you’re not alone. This is a journey and if you are passionate about what you do, then the process is going to be a fun and exciting journey.

Before you go off and think about closing a million dollars in sales in a month for your digital marketing agency, business, or online coaching company, be realistic in what you offer now and where you are in the process.  If you are just starting out, my best advice is get a coach to help you speed up the process and save you from burn out or trial and error.  There are only 4,000 weeks on this planet, don’t waste them guessing.  If you want help, there will be an opportunity to talk to our coaches, and it’s currently free (for now – it may change without warning).

Now, let’s dive into the story about my good friend PD.

Million Dollar month sales pro, Coach PD is one of the best in the digital coaching industry for fitness. With years of experience in the fitness coaching world, Coach PD brings a ton of knowledge to the table in regards to the service end and sales end of the online coaching business. It’s helped him scale a business from $20-$30k months to over $1.3 million in a single month. Now he’s here to share all his tips for maximizing your sales and reaching numbers like his in the interview below.

What Makes A Sales Rockstar?

Well it takes a relentless effort, tenacity and curiosity to always remain a student and never stop learning.  We teach this to all of our students in our inner circle programs.  Sales is the lifeblood of a company and we simplify the process by understanding the buyer cycle.  To learn more about this, join our free Facebook Group

Back to our guest! Coach PD’s background in sales begins with his time working for a very well known gym franchise. He started out as just another sales person on their team but within months became the head of their sales department. This was when he realized he had a knack for sales AND he loved doing it. He continued on that path for 6 to 7 years before opening his own gym. There he oversaw all the functions of his business and even worked as a fitness coach. But his passion was always in sales.

In September of 2019 he closed his gym and soon after began working with Will Nelson, an online fitness coach who helped other coaches scale their coaching businesses. This was an industry he already understood really well and when leads came through PD absolutely killed it.

From starting the year with a 5 figure months and then having to deal with major technical issues that slowed down business, Coach PD was able to scale the business up to $1.3 million by July. Just 7 months into the year, and continues to bring in those types of numbers.

But what are his tricks and what tips can you apply to your business?  Going back to the basics and simplifying your brain and ideas always wins.  Complexity is the enemy of success.

Love What You Do:

The key to any type of success, according to Coach PD is loving what you do… and sticking to it. As entrepreneurs and business owners it’s often way too easy to get bogged down by trying to maintain and oversee every area of your business. This can mean spreading yourself too thin and taking energy away from the thing that you are best at, which ultimately becomes a loss for your business.

Coach PD believes in sticking only to the things that you are best at and letting other people take care of different parts of the business that they themselves are best at. His advice for succeeding in any field lays in aligning yourself with people who can do the things you are not very good at and focusing only on the one area that you are best at.

This is how he himself is able to drive the massive sales numbers that he does. He focuses only on sales. He enjoys doing this and does not put his energy towards things that he is not very good at.

Understand Your Audience and Their Problems:

Another area that a great salesperson must excel in, is their understanding of who their clients are, what their problems are, what they need to do to solve their problems, and how whatever you are offering will help to solve that problem.

These are key factors in being able to close more deals, because it means that you are able to create the right types of content to attract the right kinds of people and ultimately get in contact with those who are most likely to buy your product.

Coach PD has a deep understanding of who Will Nelson’s ideal clients are. This makes him successful in selling to their audience as he is equipped to answer any questions or concerns about the products he sells and he does so with conviction. This is another key for how he was able to reach million dollar months.

Qualifying Leads:

In order to avoid burnout, it is crucial to qualify leads. Getting on calls and having conversations with too many people can mean a great number of no’s and lost energy. It’s important to make sure that calls and conversations that do make it through the qualifying process are people who are on the verge of buying.

Too many bad leads coming through to the sales process leads to overall poor performance in sales, because time is spent on people who do not even want what you are selling. Hearing no’s over and over can be draining for even the most experienced sales person.

Building Your Work Around Your Lifestyle:

Whether you are an entrepreneur or just pursuing any type of career, these tips will help you find success in whatever you do.

Coach PD’s final tip lies in applying these tips so that you can live your life according to what you want to do, rather than living your life because of what you do. What this means is you must shape your lifestyle around your goals and not the other way around.

This is key to being happy on top of being successful. It will make it so that there is not a single day where you do not want to get to work. Everyday will be one to look forward to.


Do you want to enjoy what you do, love your life, bank account and eliminate all the stress related guess work cause you to feel anxious or burnout. I remember feeling that way when I didn’t know where my next client would come from. I would close an account and feel the high but then I realized I made so little money that it was not all that exciting. I made all the excuses in the world why things were not in my favor, until I realized that the only way to escape the rat race was to get the help of someone that could guide me down the right path and get a result.

If you are guessing or think you can do it alone, I commend you for thinking you can. The odds say that those that think that way will fail, and it won’t be soon. It may take 2 years, 10 years or worse, one gives up and goes back to what they hated to begin with. This is pretty blunt because what kind of person would I be if I didn’t coach you around your decision patterns.

There is a better way, it’s not free.  But it works 300% of the time. This works for 100% of the people, that show up 100% of the time, and put in 100% of the effort to realize their dreams.

Most people tell me they want to get to $30k a month in recurring revenue, those same people have been trying for 2 years.  If you do the math, that’s $720,000 in missed opportunity.  Are you okay with that?  I’m not.

If you want to take a risk of 20 minutes of your time and learn from the best, to beable to never leave another $30k, $50k or even $100k per month…

Then book your call right now.  Don’t wait or talk yourself out of it, book now and make 1 decision without hesitation.

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Author: Rahul Alim
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