How Tejas Successfully scaled his business to $25k in monthly revenue since joining the GSD

In this student success spotlight, Cody talks with Tejas, a GSD student who successfully scaled his business to $25k in monthly revenue (from $4k) since joining the GSD. Tejas is a prime example of what’s possible when you have the consistency and predictability of a system and support structure that allows you to keep building and moving forward.

How Did He Scale so Quickly?

Tejas scaled his agency from around $4k a month all the way to $25k months. When asked how he was able to move the needle he sited the support he received from the GSD program that gave him the confidence he needed to know he wouldn’t let his clients down.

He also mobilized a whole new way of organically attracting ideal clients by implementing the Perfect Stranger Method the program teaches.

Building a Support System

Tejas stressed the importance of being able to develop a support system by setting up VAs and ISAs to help handle fulfillment which gave him the ability to focus more on sales.

Another huge lesson for him was understanding that not all team members will work out. To have a successful team, It’s important to set clear expectations when hiring and having the right processes in place. The GSD provided excellent SOPs for Tejas to use with his team.

How He’s Closing More Clients

Tejas also talked about how he’s closing more deals and even closed 5 clients in one week.

He shared that 2 of the 5 came from the Perfect Stranger Method and the others came from the fruits of his outreach and prospecting over a long period of time.

His #1 Tip

Tejas shared his best tip for running and growing your own successful digital agency…

“Stand out from your competition!”

For Tejas, being in the Real Estate niche, he specifically would post more about seller closing success because most other agencies post about buyers and he knows the market wants sellers (which he’s good at).

Biggest Game Changer in the GSD Program

Tejas was on the fence about joining the GSD program but after realizing the success he has, he had this to say…

” If you believe in yourself and put in all of the work, the GSD will help in every area and there is no chance you will fail.”

If you want to grow your digital agency, it’s important to have a system in place that helps you be more consistent. This includes having the right support and mindset, as well as structural pieces that will help you take guided action. Tejas had all of these things in place, and by implementing them he was able to see success. Are you ready to put in the work and create a system for growth?


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