The 4 Best Reasons to Create Smart Landing Pages

Short answer: they help close more sales and conversions.

Landing Pages Are Super Important

Landing pages are used to convert visitors into leads, sales, subscribers or whatever you want the intention to be by focusing on a single objective of your advertisement – this is what your visitor clicked on whether it be an email campaign, PPC ad, banner ad, contextual ad, or a traditional mailer. The point is that you want to keep your users’ attention with a focus on what you are promoting to increase the probability they will take the action you want.

For example, if you are Intuit selling QuickBooks for 15% off for the holidays, what you will want to do is ONLY focus on the features and benefits of the product and the sense of urgency, to buy QuickBooks for 15% off for a limited time only. In this scenario to add even more confidence they would off a rock solid return policy. Now conversely if Intuit decided, to make things complex, they would have advertised their template websites, payroll services, merchant account services and more on this page to make it more confusing and more options for the user to choose from.

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What is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are what they sound like – a page where internet users can land. They click on a paid ad, for example, and are taken to your landing page. Ideally, they will find exactly what they were looking for and use a convenient form on your landing page to reach out to you, eventually leading to a sale.

You can see some examples of landing pages we’ve created below. The gist is the same – customers fill out that form and click “Submit,” someone from the company calls them and they talk about buying products and services. That’s the idea of landing pages – to get customers on the fastest path to a sale.

Why you should create landing pages for all of your advertisements:

1) Sharper and quicker path to sale.

Landing pages are better for any paid ad campaigns than your regular website pages because of their specificity. Landing pages can be optimized to generate leads for one specific product or service.

For more on why landing pages are better than the homepage, read this article

2) Lower cost per click for your ads.

A landing page can be very, very specific to certain keywords – keywords on which you may be bidding with your PPC campaign. An optimized landing page can improve the relevancy for those keywords, which can improve your ad’s quality score…and a higher quality score means lower bids are needed to get higher in the paid ad ranks. A well-optimized landing page will save you money on your PPC bids, making your PPC budget go that much farther.

3) There is no limit.

You can have a landing page for literally every single one of your products and services. You can have multiple landing pages for each one. You can have landing pages specific to text ads and landing pages specific to flash banner ads. With limitless opportunities to create more leads at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you create landing pages?

4) Cost effective.

You don’t have to spend several thousands of dollars to do it right. The cost of landing pages can be reduced as you repurpose elements of your landing pages with new offers and promotions. The point is to make you money in the end.

Custom Creatives designs landing pages for businesses like yours all the time. We are experts in the field of design and marketing – take advantage of our team to help your business grow to the next level.

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Examples of Landing Pages

(Click on any image to view our portfolio!)

1) Trans International Trucking

Landing Page - Trans International Trucking

2) CL Noonan

Landing Page Desgin Example - CL Noonan

3) Capstone Direct

Landing Page Example - Capstone Direct

4) K. Hovanian Homes

Landing Page -K Hovanian Homes


Author: Rahul Alim
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