Essential Marketing Tools for Lawyers

Marketing for lawyers is different than other industries because they are targeting different people and have a different message they want to convey. Even though they aren’t proposing shiny objects, they are certainly important services. Rather than trying to convince their end-users to use their services, they instead have to make their brand remembered in case someone is in need of their services in the future. It can be tricky–accidents are unexpected and you can’t plan for anything. When someone is in an accident, you want to be the first law firm that comes to mind. The way that you do this is by having an active presence online, educating your followers, having good reviews, ranking high, and using chatbots.


Here are some of the marketing tools that PI lawyers should use if you haven’t yet!



Just like your law firm, chatbots work 24/7. It is always ready for someone in need and to aid in assistance. You can set up chatbots to ask what kind of accident someone has been in, offer advice, and to give them further steps of action.  These responses are automatic, unlike a real human agent, where they have other things going on in their lives. A real human agent may have other customers to tend to and may be busy with something else.


Chatbots will help to ask your end-user the initial questions so that you don’t have to waste time doing so. When it is right for them to contact you, they will be directed to do so. Here is how chatbots could help in a real-life situation.


  1. Someone gets in an unexpected car accident
  2. They look up a personal injury law firm
  3. They find your page
  4. It directs them to chat with someone immediately!
  5. They engage with the bot as it asks them questions such as: Are you hurt? What kind of accident are you involved in? What is a brief summary of what happened?
  6. It will direct the person to do something after each question answered. It may direct them to call 911 immediately to seek medical attention, to give the law firm a call, to get a police citation, etc.


Social Media

Use social media to stay present organically and also use it for paid advertising. We have over 100 FREE social media graphics that you can use. Not only that, but we wrote the captions that go along with each post! If you have no experience in posting on social media, we have a video tutorial that you can follow along. It’s a done-for-you deal!


You can attain them here:


Social media is necessary for people to recognize who you are. Use the same colors as your company, put your logo on all of your posts, and have the same voice in your captions. Even if you aren’t selling your products in your posts, having your name by the post spreads awareness. If you are active, they will remember your name when they need you.


As we have mentioned before, marketing for lawyers is different because people may not need you at the time they see your marketing efforts. Posts should be to educate people on what to do IF they get into trouble. Stay top of mind!



People trust reviews because it’s real results! 84% of people trust online reviews like it’s a personal recommendation from a friend! After someone uses your services, ask them to write a review for you!


When was the last time you went to a new restaurant without looking it up on Yelp to see what they offer, what their hours are, and what other people are saying about it. If you are rank 5 stars, people are likely to choose you over someone who is 3 stars.


Ranking on Google

Quick! You got into an accident in Agoura Hills. Where do you look to find a lawyer? It’s almost a guarantee that you will go on your search engine to search something like “Car accident attorney Agoura Hills”.  Odds are, if you aren’t at the top of that Google search, you aren’t being seen.


Everyone uses Google because it’s fast, easy, and it delivers results. The rule of thumb is to be the top 3. People will do a little research of the top results OR they will simply choose the top-ranked one.



Your site will rank higher on Google if you use the right keywords, have reviews, are on Google My Business, and your link is are on other places on the web.


Need help with SEO for your law firm? Contact us!



Email marketing is not dead! Even if email marketing isn’t as prominent as it has been before, it can be used to stay top of mind. If someone sees your name and the headline of your email, they will remember you. However, don’t be so annoying that they unsubscribe to your emails.


If you don’t have an email list yet, here are some tips on how to build your email list.


Email is a good way to give out exclusive deals, update your list about news, give tips, educate, and to give out gifts (like a guide to keep in your glove compartment).



Linkedin is like other social media platforms, but it’s more for the professional world. It is like Facebook for business. Post on Linkedin just as you would on Facebook. It may be less conversational than Facebook and you will only post things pertaining to your company.


While Facebook can be for business and personal life, Linkedin is somewhere where people can find businesses related to their search. Someone may search, “Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles”. Don’t neglect this social media platform!


You can also share useful articles that pertain to personal injury law and drop your link in posts. How about sharing videos on here to stand out?


What marketing tools should you use?

With so much competition of lawyers, it is important to differentiate yourself. Use social media to boost your awareness and get people to recognize your name before others. If people are clueless about any law firm in the area, they will likely search for one on Google. Make sure that you are on all relevant channels so that people can find you, trust you, and then act fast!



Compared to other industries, the legal field is good in the sense that the end-user has to act fast since it’s likely they are in need of your service at that exact moment. It’s difficult in the sense that while you are marketing, the consumer may not need you at that moment. Your efforts will pay off in the future!


Stay top of mind by using the marketing tools we listed in this blog and people will be sure to remember you! If you need help with any of these tools, schedule a call with us!



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