Ways to Build Your Email List

Email marketing is not the same as it used to be.  Marketers use email marketing to say, “Hi, I exist!” instead of “Read my whole email please.”  Your sender name becomes important and your headline predicts your fate. For example, which email headline would convince you to click on the email?


“HERE ARE YOUR FREE DISNEYLAND TICKETS!!!” or “Disneyland is making better churros!  Yes!!!”



It is likely you’ll click on the first one.  The great thing is, you wouldn’t even have to put free Disneyland tickets in the email.  It could actually be an email for entering a contest to win free Disneyland tickets. Get creative with it.  


If you don’t believe that email can heighten your marketing, how about this statistic: 66% of emails are opened on a mobile device- Everyone is on their cellphones all day, which means they can see emails right as they come in


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It is important to still utilize email because:

-You can automate your emails.

-It helps people remember you.

-They can reference your information later.

-Some people like to read emails to look for valuable information.

-People still check it, even if they may not read everything. 86% of professionals say that email is their favorite medium of communication.  

-It positions you as an authority in your field, over your competition.

-You keep in touch with your list, and over time they will be your paying client.


Customer Lifetime Value  

Your customer’s lifetime value is important.  This means, how much value (in dollars) does one customer bring to you over the span of their life.  We want to be there for people’s entire lifetime so that this value increases. You have to start NOW in order to maximize the value!


One email a week is all you need in order to tell your audience, “Hi, I am here and you will need me eventually.”  Until that time comes, you want to be top of mind. This doesn’t mean only on email, but it means from hitting your audience from every angle.  So if you thought email was dead, you are wrong.



Here are some email topics you can include in your email sequence:

-Exclusive deals, offers, promos- Many people make purchases based off of emails they receive on their mobile device.

-Enter in and win

-New products (with links to make it a quick and easy purchase)

-current trends in your industry (Ex: Food industry: Remember when there was a big buzz about kale)

-Upcoming events

-How-to (with a video)

-Testimonials/customer stories


Build Your List

You may be thinking, ok I have the ideas but how do I get an email list with the right audience?


There are a few tricks:


Have them sign up for something in-store– Tell them of the exclusive deals the email list receives by signing up.


Website– A lot of people do their shopping online these days.  Before someone gets to their shopping, put a popup that takes up the entire screen.  You can say something like, “Take 25% off your first order when you sign up!” Email only specials= Hard to resist.  


You can also have people sign up at checkout.  Every time you purchase something online, you need to enter in a confirmation email.  


Also have a banner that encourages them to enter in their email for deals.


Chatbots & Scan Codes– Have them comment something on your FB post and they will be subscribed to your chat bot.  Email list received. Cha ching!



Business cards– When you meet new people, give them your business card, then ask for theirs.  Put them on your email list. Quick and easy.


Invite people to “Join the club”– People like to be apart of groups.  How enticing does a “Gold membership” for your favorite brand sound.  



Throwing an event– At check-in, have the guest put their email in.  This is a mindless action because it seems like it’s needed in order to be admitted into the event.  


Giveaways– Post on social about a giveaway you’re doing.  Have people comment their emails.


Similar Audiences– Get in front of other people audiences to promote your product or service that can benefit the audience while you build your email list by doing a webinar, a cross-promotion or a way to add value.


There are many more ways, so share your favorite in the comments at the bottom!


Tips for email formatting

Break up the text– No one likes to read long paragraphs of text.  People may be turned away from the email if they see there is only words.  


Use emojis– Emojis are a part of everyone’s language today.  Be relatable!


Use videos and pictures– Break up the text using videos, gifs, and relevant pictures.


Put direct links– Insert links into the text so that you can drive traffic to other sites.  For example, your website or a form to fill out.


Use action verbs– Use verbs in the headline: Download, Go, Get, Start.  This will spark action instead of, “Here are your Disneyland tickets.”


Put the most important information first– A lot of times, this becomes the preview you see in your inbox.  You will see the sender, the subject line, and possibly the first sentence in the email depending how long your subject is. For this matter, don’t make the subject too long!


Subject lines are everything– Make it brief due to what was mentioned right above.  Make it exciting and be creative. It’s ok to sugarcoat things and hype bland things up!  33% of mobile users say they have read emails based on just the subject line.


Connect with the reader as if you are talking directly with them– This is another way to communicate, so be human!  Don’t always sell, but provide useful information. Your brand has a voice.


Find your balance

What this comes down to is being active.  You need to make these actions seamless. People don’t want the impression that if they enter their email, they’re going to get spammed with nonsense.  This is why we should always add some type of value in our emails. Whether someone clicks “read” on an email or deletes it, they will remember your name because you popped up on their screen.  The only thing we want to avoid having the person click “unsubscribe”.



This can be a tricky thing, as there is a balance between sending too many emails and staying in front of your audience the right amount.  Find a place where the reader will think, Maybe I need this information later.  I’ll save it. Even if they never reference it again, you are looked to as a valuable source.



There are so many things that you can do with email, including automation.  When you get an email list, you can use automation software to send out emails for you!  


If you need help with building your email list, head on over to FUMonster.com for a FREE DEMO and see what all the buzz is all about.  Follow up will never be the same!



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