How to Brand for Lawyers

Branding is the way that people remember you. Let me ask you a few questions: What colors do you associate with Mcdonalds? What is the logo you associate with Nike? Who uses the slogan, “Eat fresh”? What is memorable about Old Spice videos?



All of these companies are popular because they focus a lot on branding. Although their products are good, they use social media to get their brand known. This is by using colors, a slogan, a logo, signature messages, and specific types of entertainment.  


It is important for every industry to be involved with social media efforts so that people remember them over other competitors who essentially do the same thing. In a time of need for lawyer services, someone may simply choose whatever law firm they know of. It is essential to stay top of mind so that it’s an easy decision for your end users.



In our previous blog, we talk about the essential tools lawyers should use for marketing. Using branding amongst all of your marketing efforts will help you to be people’s number one choice.  Here are ways to brand your law firm:


Know your target audience

Defining your target audience is the first step in doing any marketing efforts. You have to know who you are speaking to because that will depict what kind of content you put out there. It will influence your voice, the aesthetics, and the problems you are solving.


Here are some examples of what kinds of marketing you can put in front of various groups of people:


First-time drivers- Driving tips, reinforce rules of driving with a provisional


The 20’s- Remind them of the risks of drinking and driving


Seniors- You wouldn’t put motorcycle content in there


LA residents- commercial truck accident tips


Everyone- Texting and driving tips


What is your niche?

What is the scope of work that you do?  Make sure this is clearly stated to your audience and that you reiterate this. For example, personal injury.



Put your logo on all of the creative that you put out! Use the same fonts, colors, voice, and aesthetic in all of your post so that people recognize YOU. By hearing of the word “McDonalds,” you may think of the yellow “M” or the slogan “I’m lovin’ it!”  You want this same thing to happen to your law firm.



-If you have a slogan, always put it under your logo.


-Stick to certain fonts


-Choose 3 colors and use them consistently


-Put your logo on every social media post


-Use the same filters/photo editing


When someone comes across a piece of content of yours, you want them to immediately recognize who you are without you having to tell them.


Know what service you are prioritizing

Although you may provide a wide array of services, you may want to prioritize one or two. If you are a personal injury law firm, car accidents are likely your most popular types of cases. Don’t neglect your other services, but simply put more focus on the more important ones.


Think about what’s relevant. If you are in New York, you may want to prioritize pedestrian accidents knowing that people walk a lot in the big city.




Be on Relevant Channels

Where will your audience look for relevant info about your law firm?




-Professional Associations






-Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Linkedin)




Invest in the right tools and materials

In our previous blog, we talk about essential marketing tools you should use. You may have to invest in materials that will take your business to the next level.


-A photoshoot for your law firm and the people involved in it


-Website design and development


-Social media accounts






Produce interesting content

You may be thinking, legal service content isn’t Disneyland–it can be hard to produce content that people want to see. Here are examples of the type of content you can show your audience



-Tips for choosing a law firm over an insurance company


-Educational facts


-Show success stories


-Show the reviews people said about you




-Show them how modern your law firm is- Are you using a 24/7 live chat service?


-How do you stand out from other law firms?


We made over 100 social media graphics that you can use to post on your social media channels. Stay active and present using these FREE graphics! Redeem here.


Track your results

Make sure that all of your marketing efforts are trackable so that you know what works and what doesn’t. What ads are people clicking on? Who is watching your videos?



Keep it going!

Consistency is key! Consistency doesn’t mean overdoing it and posting every day. It means giving someone something to remember you by. Impact your target audience by tapping into the emotional side of your industry. Give them something they can relate to.


Keep everything up to date

Keep up with the times! If you just solved an extraordinary case, don’t wait a full year to post about it. Even though you can use a post planner to schedule all of your social media ahead of time, you can still post manually!


Go against the stigma that people in the legal field are strictly business. Show what goes on behind the scenes and make it so that people can connect to your law firm in some way.


If you need help branding your law firm and staying top of mind to your target audience, I would love to talk with you! The legal industry is a bit different than other industries, but we have the right expertise and experience to help you!



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