The Importance of a Call to Action

Why Should I Click Your Banner Ad?    Here’s Why…

Every ad is created with a goal in mind. The goal of an ad might be something as simple as getting people to click on it. Other times the goal might be encouraging viewers to subscribe to a newsletter, or to open up a membership for a new service. No matter what the goal of an ad is, it is important that the viewers of the ad know what the goal is.

This is where a call to action comes into play. Whenever you create an ad, be sure to include within the ad a cue that prompts viewers of the ad to follow through on whichever action you desire them to. This call to action will be part of the main message of the ad. The more simple and straightforward a call to action is, the better. For example, if you put out an ad that is advertising an online service, be sure to place a call to action in the ad that prompts viewers to sign up for the service. The call to action can be as simple as a link that reads: “sign up here”.

It is important that calls to action not be misleading in any way. If you want viewers of an ad to follow through on a call to action, then the call to action should be very clear so that participants know exactly what they are getting involved in.  If the ad you are putting out is animated, then the call to action should be clearly displayed at the end of the animation sequence. When possible, it is also useful to have a call to action be phrased in an interesting or unique way. For example, instead of merely using the phrase “click here”, try using a slightly more descriptive phrase to communicate the same message. For instance, take a look at the banner ad below.

Banner Ad With Call To Action

As simple as it might seem, carefully crafting a clear call to action for your ads can lead to a noticeable increase in their effectiveness. So next time you put an ad, make sure that your potential customers know exactly what the goal of the ad is, and exactly what you want them to do.

Author: Rahul Alim
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