60 Places to Find Clients (with examples)

If you are struggling to find your next lead, maybe you are investing in the wrong method. Leads are possible to get and there are clients for everyone, even if it may not seem that way right now. Competition is tough, but I have formulated a list of places that you can find clients–Some conventional/obvious and some out of the blue. Your best bets are marketing methods like Facebook paid ads, SEO, and referrals. However, other methods can work just as well depending on your industry.


Here are 60 places you can find your next clients! If you need help with any of it or are struggling to find your next lead, schedule a call with me and I will gladly help you!


 1. Clickfunnels

Use funnels to generate leads, run a webinar, sell your products, and you’ll soon be able to send emails. Be able to track who fills in your form, allowing you to retarget them.

2. Attending Conferences

Go to conferences to network with like-minded individuals. It is likely that the people going to a conference are in the same industry as you are. Have your business card or, even better, your QR code handy so that you can have people connect with you!

3. Referrals

Word-of-mouth is huge in getting new clients. If someone had a good experience with your company, it is likely that they will refer you to their friends and family. This is one of the best ways because it’s cheap and people trust their inner circle of relationships to give them the best advice.

4. Paid Ads

Another top-notch way to get clients. And it’s cheaper than traditional methods! Be able to target who sees your ad, getting down to the nitty gritty on what age they are, what gender, where they live, what their interests and activities are, how much money they make, and even more specifications! This way, you know that your money isn’t being wasted to people who will never be interested in your product.  The joke I like to make is, when was the last time you drove around to see what’s trending on a billboard? Or when was the last time you ran to your mailbox to find a new offer? You probably looked online for these things!



5. Door Knocking

A traditional method that sometimes works! Some businesses that this could be successful for is the roofing storm chase industry, newspapers, home improvement jobs, Girl Scout cookies, fundraisers, etc. Some of these businesses like home improvement work will be effective doing paid ads, but maybe going door-to-door will remind the person that you are who they are looking for! What better place than AT their home and addressing the problems you see.  The key to going door-to-door is to not get discouraged, be a master at reading body language, and to maybe look into paid ads as well!

6. Presentations/Speaking Gigs

Just like conferences, you can network and build relationships! People may be interested in the services you offer so have your QR code ready!

7. Dominating SEO

You want to hear the SEO joke again? Where do you hide a dead body? On the second page of Google. People often trust the top 3 results that come up on Google because they assume they are the “best” results. If you aren’t top 3, odds are, you aren’t being seen.

8. Instagram

Instagram is a fast way for people to quickly judge who you are. In 3 seconds, they can see what you’re about with your feed, be directed to your website, message you, and engage with your posts. Instagram is a good way to stay top of mind because it’s fast and very modern.

9. Facebook

Where all the traffic is! Your business needs to be on Facebook for short or long form posts, for staying top of mind, and for featuring your advertisements! People can message you and make a relationship with you. Remember, people meet you online before they meet you in person. Another plus of Facebook is that unlike Instagram, you can put direct links into your posts.

10. Linkedin

It’s professional Facebook. If someone is looking for a specific business, they may look on Linkedin. Because it’s based on what jobs people have, you can find people in a specific industry. For example, if you are looking for a free-lance designer, Linkedin may be your friend! You can make updates about projects you are working on or jobs you have done! Keep it professional.

11. Social Media Stories

On Facebook and Instagram, you can post daily stories that go away after 24 hours. This is good if you want to tell your followers about an update or engage with your audience. If you are launching a new product, you can give a behind-the-scenes look about what’s happening. In the future, you can make highlights that show your previously posted stories in groups. You can name them “Behind the Scenes,” “New Products,” “Events,” “Our products,” and “Reviews.”

12. IGTV

Fairly new and untouched, but still important. IGTV is made for mobile and allows consumers to watch long-form content vertically, almost like a long story. Tell a story with no time restriction and without the annoyance of having the viewer flip their phone. Try it out before it takes off!

13. Blogs

77% of internet users read blogs, and more than once a day! Some blog topics could be some general tips, case studies, and educating the reader about a certain topic. If you are a fitness company, make a blog titled, “5 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight After Dieting and Working Out.”

14. Engaging with Other People’s Content (Comment, Like, Share)

Be social on social media. Make sure to respond to people’s posts. This is a way to stay top of mind and be remembered as an important resource. For example, if you are trying to find clients to come to your acai bowl shop, how about commenting on a yoga company’s page!

15. Trade Shows

Trade shows are a place where you can market yourself in person to people who are already interested in what you’re selling! If you are a store that sells fishing supplies, have a booth at a trade show for fishing tackle and sporting goods.



16. Journalists

Get publicity by getting journalists to write about you! If you have a new product launching, have a popular journalist or writer publish something about you in a newsletter, magazine, newspaper, etc.

17. Educational Content

You don’t have to sell all the time. You don’t want to be known as the business that only wants your money.  Educate people about your industry and be a source of expertise for them. If you are a dentist, don’t tell the person to give you a call in every post. Educate them on how they can prevent cavities!

18. Contests

“Comment in the most relevant meme what you feel like on your way to Disneyland! Winner gets 2 FREE passes to Disneyland! Choosing winner tomorrow at 4 p.m.”

19. Giveaways

Run contests to get people to engage with your page! A way you can position this is: “Giving away a $200 gift card to you and a friend! To enter: follow our page, comment on this post, and tag 2 friends! 1 submission per person.”

20. Chatbots

Chatbots are taking off NOW! And if your business isn’t doing it, you are missing out. Chatbots are a way to communicate with your consumers even when you aren’t on the clock. It saves time and energy of your workers and helps your customers at the same time.  Make a Facebook post that offers people a discount and have them comment something like “SALE.” This will then trigger the bot to give them the code and other information. They are now your subscriber and you can hit them with more information in the future.



21. Youtube

Video is marketing! Have people meet you through video before they meet you in person. People prefer to watch videos instead of reading long text. You don’t have to be a movie star in order to be on video. Just press the button and have a conversation. Talk about your new products, what services you offer, show testimonials, and engage with your audience.

22. Strategic Partnerships

Merge with other companies to fulfill their obligations that they cannot do. An example could be using someone’s database to find clients.


23. Influencers

Have influencers shout you out or have them feature you on their social media. If you are a clothing brand, have Kendall Jenner model clothes for you. People want to do what influencers are doing!



24. Upselling Existing Clients

Make an existing client a new client by offering them something else. If you are an interior designer designing someone’s new kitchen, how about asking they need help redesigning another part of their house to match the new style of the kitchen.

25. Sponsorships

Sponsor your own event or get big names to sponsor your event. If you are a makeup artist trying to get people to try your new makeup products, have Sephora sponsor an event for you. Use popular brands that people already trust because consumers will feel they can trust you as well. If you sponsor your own event and it’s a success, people will then see you as a trusted brand and people will buy from you.

26. Related Industries

Find an industry that is relevant and related to yours. Just like mentioned in #22, you can find a partner in another industry. Another example is if you are a company selling sunglasses, pair up with a sunscreen company to sell their products and vice versa.

27. Volunteer

Alongside being a good person, volunteering gets your name out in the community. People will see you at a volunteer event and 1) know you’re a good, active citizen, 2) you help the community, and 3) you get your brand name out there.

28. Emails

Emails are still relevant today! They help you give out exclusive deals to your active customers and they help you stay top of mind. Although you are annoying people (in a good way), your name will stick with them. Just try not to get people to unsubscribe. We have a blog explaining how to get more people on your email list here.

29. Non-profit Board

It’s almost the same as volunteering except at a higher position. If you are actively helping an organization, people will know you for making changes and dedicating time to helping others. You will also meet other people in the community and they will refer business to you.



30. Reseller/Affiliate

Look out for other business owners who are looking for an increase in revenue that are willing to use your product or services. A business rewards their affiliate (with a cut of money in most cases) for each customer brought in by that affiliate’s efforts.

31. Podcasts

Podcasts are rising in popularity, probably due to the fact that you can be multitasking while listening to it, like music. You can educate listeners about a certain topic. If you are a store that sells baby clothes, how about making a podcast about what new mothers should know or something about Postpartum depression. Making a podcast is as easy as shooting a video, getting the audio file from it, and putting it into Anchor.fm. Here is our channel: https://anchor.fm/rahul-alim

32. Client events

Make an exclusive event for your clients. This makes them feel special and that they are a part of something special. Have them invite a friend so that you get more people interested in your brand! This is like how Nordstrom does early-access which is a time where card members can get first pick on colors and sizes before they run out!

33. Meet-up Groups

Put together a group of individuals (that have different expertises). Together, this is a dream team and you can refer business to each other.

34. CRM

Make sure that you can contact and engage with your customers using your CRM of choice. Don’t forget to follow up and be persistent!

35. Collaborations

Collaborations are a good way to put two big names together. This could be you pairing up with an influencer to get your name out there. Think about the celeb collabs you see like the Kardashians or Michael Jordan X Converse collab.



36. Webinars

Use webinars to sell your products or a course on how to do something. I did an interview with Jason Fladlien who has sold over $100 million in revenue from webinars. Watch the interview here.

37. Facebook Lives

Go LIVE on Facebook. The great thing about Facebook is that you can retarget people who watched your LIVE, assuming they were interested in what you had to say/who you are because they tuned in. Stay top of mind. You can save these videos and post them on your Youtube channel. You can also air your LIVE again as if it is happening live again on people’s feeds. Don’t forget to shout people out as they join your LIVE.

38. Youtube Live

The house of all video is on Youtube. Go on Youtube LIVE to get your name out there. Show tutorials, new product releases, and educate your audience on something.

39. Instagram Live

Go LIVE on Instagram just as if you are shooting a regular video. As people come pouring in, greet them. When people ask you questions, answer them and engage.



40. Colleges/Universities

Find motivated young people to buy into your brand. Speak at fraternity events, student associations, clubs, as well as network with professors because they will likely be connected in the local community.  A lot of professors have side businesses or are involved in organizations outside of their University.

41. Advisory Boards

Be a part of an advisory board that helps to manage an organization or corporation. Be known for your expertise and people will refer business to you. It’s all about being known in the community as an impactful figure.

42. Samples for Free

Give away free samples! It is likely that people will not deny the offer because they have nothing to use. When they try the free product, hopefully it will be so great that they want more! Even if they don’t like it, the branding on the packaging will get them to know your name. If you are a booth at a big open market trying to sell your homemade hummus, give out free samples!



43. Direct Mail

Although this is a traditional method for marketing and getting leads, it could still work depending on what industry you are in. Some industries that this could work for is grocery stores, clothing stores, interior design, or anything business with a catalog!

44. Cold Calling

Almost like #5. Have a motivated individual who is good at sales and who doesn’t take rejection personally. Get a directory list and start calling! If you want to be strategic about this, call an existing phone list you have of people who came in to your store or use chatbots to get phone numbers!

45. T-shirts/Swag

Put your branding on gear you own and show it off! If you wear a shirt every day (maybe not the same EXACT one, but one with your logo), people will ask you what that is as you walk by! Make sure the logo is eye-catching and sparks curiosity. How about making stickers, bags, and pop-sockets with your logo on them? Even if someone doesn’t ask you about it, they may be curious and go to your website.

46. Yelp

Make sure that you have good reviews on Yelp! People often look to Yelp to research the best businesses/companies in a particular industry and by location. Post photos of products and services that you offer. Also have the correct info about your company such as your hours, a link to your website, your phone number, etc.



47. Facebook Groups

Join FB groups with other local business owners. This is another way to refer each other business. I have my own FB group for agency owners where we share knowledge about everything marketing! Join it and ask anything here.

48. Associations Online

You can find a bunch of associations that are relevant to you. It’s almost like FB groups where you can refer other members business.

49. Write an ebook

Write an ebook that drops some knowledge to readers. Give it away for free to get your name and logo out there. Teach people something about your industry and answer FAQs.

50. Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are the house for a lot of entrepreneurs who work from “home”.  Build relationships with other entrepreneurs and you may find your way for your next collab or referral.  This is also another way to build your audience in a community. If you go to this coffee shop every day, make sure you are wearing something with your logo on it.

51. Plane

You never know who you may meet on a plane. Be friendly and have your branded swag! Tip: Talk to people towards the end of your plane ride in case you get stuck talking to them for 5 hours straight.

52. Contacting Lost Clients

Try to call or contact leads that you had in the past. They may have forgotten about you, but show them that you haven’t! Maybe they need your services now and it was bad timing previously. Maybe budget was an issue previously, but now they have enough revenue to afford you.

53. Contacting Dead Clients

If you had a client before and they stopped using you, maybe not for bad reason, contact them again. Maybe you can upsell them on something else you are offering. It may have been a while, but you have not forgotten about them!



54. DMing

Direct message people who you think may be a potential client. Don’t be hard-core stalker, but offer free deals or invite people to do something!

55. Disruptive Gifts

Be weird and get potential clients or potential collab partners disruptive gifts. These are things like fatheads, bobble heads, socks with their face on it, a hat with their name on it, etc. They may put their bobble head on their desk or wear that hat, but also remember who gave it to them every time they see it. Stand out!

56. Interviews

Do interviews with people who are knowledgeable in your field. This is almost like #35, collaborations. Do a short interview and post it on social media to get exposure. Have that person also leverage it on their pages. If the person is a big name in the industry, you will have the trust of all of their followers and fans.

57. PR

Position yourself to have a good name in PR. Do good in the community and get this organically, or have a journalist/writer feature you in something.

58. Build a New Product

Build a new product that sparks curiosity or does something that does not exist yet. This will help you stand out and people will follow the launch of the product. Think about Apple creating Airpods. At first, people thought it was going to be weird to have little aliens sticking out from your ears, and now you hear people asking why you have wires connected to your Airpods.

59. Get Awards

Get nominated to be featured in an award, apply, or get it organically. Clutch nominated us one of the top marketing agencies in Los Angeles! If you come up as one of the top real estate agents in your state, it is likely people will contact you!

60. Be Featured on a Local Article/Post

If you are a restaurant, try to be a part of an article like “50 best places to eat in Washington.” It is likely that your restaurant will be a popular tourist destination. Make sure you are on Yelp too!


 Get Your Army of Advocates

There are so many ways to get new clients even amongst all of the top competition. I’m not going to say that it is always easy, but it is definitely doable. Your best bet is investing in paid advertising, being present and active on social media, and having a good network to get referrals from.


Overall, if you are a good brand with good people and a sincere mission, you will get the army of advocates that you want.


If you need any help with getting leads, I have made a system of turning clicks into customers. Schedule a call with me: https://calendly.com/customcreatives/30min



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